If He Doesn’t Do These 10 Things, He’s Not Your Forever Person

Finding the guy you’re meant to spend your life with is no easy task. There are lots of good men out there, but you’ll be lucky if you meet even one who’s worth being with for the rest of your life. If you really want to know if he’s the guy you’re meant to grow old with, ask yourself if he does these things for you in your relationship:

  1. Talk about the future Your friends, gossip magazines, and commitmentphobic exes might’ve convinced you that you shouldn’t bring up topics like marriage and kids and the future, but that’s BS. The right man will actively bring up topics about the future because he sees one with you.
  2. Comfort you when you’re upset If you’re going through a tough time, he should make it his mission to help you through it. He should do everything in his power to be whatever you need, whether that means giving you advice or simply providing a shoulder to cry on.
  3. Be his complete self around you When someone is truly worth your time, he should be able to share even the less pleasant parts of his past with you. If he’s too embarrassed to let you see him in his more vulnerable moments, you’re going to have a tough time building a trusting relationship with a strong foundation.
  4. Make an effort with your family and friends Your loved ones are an important part of your life, and any man you see in your future should recognize and understand this without question. No matter the differences they might have or how busy he is, he’ll put the work in to get to know your loved ones if he’s interested in being with you for the long haul.
  5. Go out of his way to make you happy Your forever person should want to do everything he can to see you smile. He should make your contentment a priority not simply because it benefits him, but because it’s what someone should do when he’s in love.
  6. Always be honest, even when it’s hard There isn’t a person on this planet who enjoys having those difficult conversations, but that’s an inevitable part of being in a mature relationship. Any man worth loving will always be open and willing to discuss anything with you, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. You can’t hope to build a future with anyone who hides away from the truth.
  7. Make you feel special A relationship meant to last forever has to be nothing short of magical. Practical? Yes. Full of compromise? Absolutely. But you should still have those moments when he makes you feel like you’re the only girl on the planet. That special feeling should be present from day one, and it should never fade away. Of course there’ll be challenges, but if you’re important to him, he’ll always make it known through his actions.
  8. Listen to you Communication is fundamental to a successful and long-lasting partnership. It involves not only being able to voice your own feelings, but also listening to what your partner has to say. Just as you make time to hear him out, he should always make the effort to listen to whatever might be going through your mind no matter what it is.
  9. Introduce you to his loved ones If you find yourself dating a guy for months without meeting a single one of his friends or family members, run. Guys like that are scared of commitment and have no intention of ever weaving you into their lives. The man you’re meant to be with will want his loved ones to get to know you so they can see exactly why he adores you so much. He’ll want to show you off and make you feel like you’re a part of his special circle of people.
  10. Never stop dating you The secret of couples who never fall out of love is that they continue to put in the same amount of effort they put in at the very start of the relationship. Even if you’re both super busy, you should be dedicating at least one night a week to spending quality time together. If he continues to court you years after he’s already won your heart, you’ll know he’s the one.
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