Don’t Accept Less Than You Deserve — Wait For A Love Like This

Even though we know we shouldn’t, far too many of us end up settling for guys who don’t see how special we truly are. When you’re lonely, it can be tough to wait for someone who’s really worth it, but no matter how long it takes to find him, this is the kind of person you deserve to be with:

  1. Someone who looks at you like you’re everything You know the look I’m talking about. It usually happens when you’re in the middle of innocently saying or doing something. You’ll look up at him and find his eyes slightly glazed over, and he’ll have zoned out for a few seconds. What he’s thinking is, “DAMN, I can’t believe I got so lucky. This girl is incredible.” And let’s face it, he’s not wrong. You both should have that feeling when you look at one another.
  2. Someone who lets you have the last slice of pizza It’s true what they say: Sharing is caring. You know it’s real love when your partner lets you have the last slice of pizza/ chocolate cake/ insert delicious food item here. They’re sacrificing what they want because they’d rather make you happy. Just be sure to return the favor every now and then! No one likes a cookie monster.
  3. Someone who’s generous with their time and attention You deserve someone who not only makes time for you within their busy schedule, but ensures that time is well spent. No texting, no answering calls, and no reading emails. When he’s with you, he should be 100 percent with you in the moment. If his body is present, but his mind is elsewhere, it shows that he doesn’t value you enough to focus his attention completely on you. You deserve a whole lot better than that.
  4. Someone who sees your beauty when you feel unattractive Of course he thinks you’re hot when you’ve got a cute new dress on, you’ve contoured like Kim K, and you’re wearing a pair of killer heels that make your legs look INSANE. But when it’s just the two of you chilling at his place, you’re bumming around in your baggy sweat pants with your hair in a messy top knot, and he STILL finds you beautiful, that’s real love right there. He should find your soul sexy.
  5. Someone who really listens to you Any guy can sit next to you in silence while you speak, but passive listening is totally different from active listening. You deserve a partner who really processes what you’re saying and is then able to offer a genuine response. Better yet if he remembers all of the important things you choose to share with him. When he surprises you with your favorite candy months after you told him what it was, that’s a real sign that he was paying attention to you.
  6. Someone who’s your best friend This sounds cliché, but your partner should be more than just a romantic partner. He should be the one you want to share everything with. The person you turn to when you’re happy or sad. The one you want standing by your side when all of your dreams come true. Don’t look for a boyfriend; look for a best friend.
  7. Someone who stands by your side no matter what Loyalty is one of the most important qualities you should look for when picking a partner. You should be able to trust him with anything, and know that he always has your back no matter what. When you’re not around, there should be no doubt in your mind that he would stand up for you and defend your honor, regardless of the situation or company he found himself in.
  8. Someone who believes in you Please wait for a love that sets your soul on fire: a person who somehow manages to make you feel even more confident, and makes you shine even brighter than you did before you met him. No matter how out of reach your dreams seem, he should believe you possess the power to make every single one of them come true, just as you believe you do.
  9. Someone who loves your crazy I’m talking about all of the quirks you probably try to hide at the beginning of any relationship: your unique “flaws” that you believe no one else will understand. While the person you love may never fully understand why you are the way you are, he should accept it and understand that your crazy is a part of you.
  10. Someone who challenges you to be better It’s awesome having someone who cheers you on and celebrates even your smallest victories. But what’s even better is someone who always pushes you one step further. It’s beautiful when someone has so much confidence and faith in you that they see your blinding potential even through tough times when you can’t.
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