Doomsday Mom Lori Vallow Daybell Sentenced For Murdering Her 2 Kids

Doomsday Mom Lori Vallow Daybell Sentenced For Murdering Her 2 Kids Law & Crime

Lori Vallow Daybell, the “Doomsday Mom” convicted of the murder of her two children, Tylee and JJ Vallow, has been sentenced to life in prison. The 50-year-old was convicted in May, with a jury not only finding her guilty of killing her 16-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son, but also of conspiring to kill Tammy Daybell, the first wife of her husband Chad Daybell. On Monday, July 31, she appeared again in Ada County Courthouse in Boise, Idaho to receive her sentence.

Here’s a rundown of what went down.

  1. Several people came forward to give victim impact statements before the sentence was handed down. That included Lori Vallow’s oldest son, Colby Ryan; JJ’s grandmother and Charles Vallow’s sister Kay Woodcock; Lori’s sister Summer Shiflet; and Tammy Daybell’s sister, Samantha Gwilliam. Woodcock told Fox10 that she hopes Vallow “dies in prison without anyone she loves being around her.”
  2. Tammy Daybell’s aunt, Vicki Hoban, also gave a powerful statement. She called out Vallow’s cold and uncaring behavior throughout the trial before dubbing her and Chad to be “murdering thieves.” She added: “Lori wanted money, sex, and more power, and what Lori wants, Lori Gets.”
  3. The prosecution was clear about what they wanted to happen to Lori. Rob Wood said there was simply no other choice than to sentence Lori Vallow to life behind bars as payment for what she did. “What is the value of a human life? What is the value of a 16-year-old girl with her life ahead of her? What is the value of a 7-year-old with special needs? What is the life of a grandmother and mother?” he told the court (via The Independent). “We echo the sentiments made in the victim impact statements.”
  4. The state believes Lori Vallow is “dangerous to society.” Given the charges against her and the pending conspiracy to commit murder cases in Arizona, they don’t believe that she should be allowed out in the world. “This defendant has proven by her actions that she is dangerous to society. In Idaho alone, she was involved in three murders within the space of six weeks. The court can acknowledge she faces two charges of conspiracy to commit murder in Maricopa County,” Wood added. “This defendant violated the most sacred trust that exists in society and she did it for gain. She did it for money. A defendant who is willing to murder her own children is willing to murder anyone.”
  5. The defense, however, believes Lori can be rehabilitated. Despite the fact that Vallow’s grasp on reality has all but gone entirely, that seems unlikely. Defense attorney John Thomas told the court that while his “heart aches for the victims,” Lori is actually a lovely person. “She has redeeming values. Kay Woodcock sang her praises today — that Lori was a great mom,” he explained. “There’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about how this ultimately came to pass and that’s probably not going to change any time soon. There will be a lot confusion and misunderstanding for a while.”
  6. Lori Vallow addressed the court prior to hearing her sentence. She quoted John 8:7, the infamous Bible verse which states, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.” She then went on to say that Jesus “knows and understands her.” However, that wasn’t the wackiest bit.
  7. She insisted that her kids hadn’t been murdered. According to Lori Vallow, “accidents happen” and people die of all kinds of things. “Jesus Christ knows the truth. Jesus Christ knows no one was murdered in this case. Accidental deaths happened. Suicides happened. Fatal side effects of medications happened,” she claimed.
  8. Lori Vallow says she died while giving birth to Tylee. She didn’t want to come back because she was loving her afterlife with all the angels and Jesus himself. She eventually agreed to come back to Earth, but that experience meant she had an eternal and direct line to the dead and with Jesus. She said she’s homesick for heaven and that she’s looking forward to death so she can be back there.
  9. She also tried to justify Tylee’s death by pointing out how difficult her life was. Not only did she suffer from serious pancreatic issues, but she was also sexually abused by her own father for many years and then forced to visit him regularly for 10 years against her will. Shame, then, that Lori let her crazy boyfriend do God knows what to her before violently murdering her and then destroying her body so badly that the coroner couldn’t do a proper autopsy. However, Lori Vallow’s kids are “busy and happy” in heaven, she insists.
  10. Judge Boyce thought long and hard about what the appropriate sentence would be for Lori Vallow, and he could only come to one conclusion: She must spend life in prison without the chance of parole. “You may not believe to this day that you’ve done anything wrong but I don’t believe a God in any religion would want to have this happened what happened here,” he told her. In addition to the life sentence for the deaths of JJ and Tylee, she was also given a second life sentence without the chance of parole for the conspiracy charges related to the death of her kids and Tammy Daybell.

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