Would You Dump Your Boyfriend Because He Doesn’t Like Beyonce? This Woman Did

It’s a fact of life that 99.9% of people are big-time Beyonce fans. How can you not be? She’s got an incredible voice, releases songs that are catchy as hell, and is basically queen of the world. But regardless of your Bey love, would you ever dump a guy if he told you that he wasn’t really into her? It may sound kind of silly and ridiculous, but that’s actually what someone did.

This woman met a great new guy and everything seemed promising, but then the subject of the most popular singer ever came up, and things took a turn for the worse. Why does she love Beyonce so much? In her story for Allure, she explained, “Beyoncé’s music makes me feel as if I can conquer the world.” Does she really consider Beyonce to be a make-it-or-break-it-thing for a budding relationship? She wrote, “For the most part, I don’t care if a guy I’m dating is a Beyoncé fan. He doesn’t need to be because my love for her is enough for more than one person. But you’ve got to respect her and recognize her greatness—or, at the very least, accept that I’m a huge fan and move on with no comment. Simple. Sadly, this fellow could not.”

Once she learned that her new beau was just not that into Beyonce, she was out. Her reasoning? A guy who honestly doesn’t like Beyonce doesn’t like that she’s a strong woman who can do anything that she wants. And she felt that meant that maybe he didn’t like that she herself was a strong woman… and maybe he was even super sexist.

Hmmm. While it might sound like she should have given him another chance because liking or disliking a singer is kind of a weird dealbreaker, she makes a really good point. Sure, not every guy is going to like what you like, but he does have to respect your loves and hates. It sounds like he did one thing that just ruined everything: he told her that he would convince her that he was right about Beyonce and she was wrong. Oops. Wrong move.

It’s incredibly uncool for a guy to tell you that he’s going to make you see things his way. He should 100 percent respect the things that you like and dislike and he should agree that you have a right to your opinion. Maybe this girl got some flak from her friends for turning Beyonce into a dealbreaker, but he’s the one who should be getting all the flak. If this guy can’t just smile and say “That’s awesome” when a girl tells him who her favorite singer is and why she’s such a fan, then he kind of has no business dating. Getting to know someone and thinking about starting a relationship with them is all about respecting your differences. And, honestly, he shouldn’t have had such a problem with her Beyonce love.

This totally makes you rethink your own red flags and dealbreakers, right? The next time that you think about turning down a second date because the guy hates french fries or something equally weird, remember this story. And be glad that he doesn’t hate Beyonce. He just might be The One.

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