I Feel Too Much & That’s Not A Bad Thing

I Feel Too Much & That’s Not A Bad Thing ©iStock/PeopleImages

As women, we’re constantly thrown stereotypes that make us seem weak, vulnerable and incapable of managing our emotions, but that’s BS. I’ve always felt overly sensitive, but not in the way you might think. When I say I feel too much, I simply mean that I feel emotions on a level that most people wouldn’t understand. Funny enough, I’m more than okay with it — here’s why:

  1. It makes me a problem solver. I don’t know about you, but when I see sad animal shelter commercials or read news about refugee families having no home to escape to, I don’t just get upset. I think about what could be done to help these animals and individuals who deserve so much more in life. Even if I can’t personally solve their problems, I think about small things I could do to help, like donating money to provide them with resources necessary to survive.
  2. It makes me seem more approachable and friendly. When I’m sensitive to people, they notice. People pick up on social cues quickly, and when I demonstrate compassion towards strangers especially, they’re more likely to befriend me and engage in conversation.
  3. I’m more open-minded because of it. Feeling too much makes me look at issues from all viewpoints. I consider other people’s feelings and opinions when I make judgments because I strive to understand what I’ve not yet emotionally experienced.
  4. It enhances my life experiences. I attribute my overall happiness with life to my ability to feel on a higher level. Emotions are what make life worth living. If I didn’t feel too much, I wouldn’t appreciate experiences as they’re happening; I wouldn’t be living in the moment. I am grateful for my life because I have traveled, seen the world and met people who touched my heart in ways that I will always cherish.
  5. It helps me appreciate the little things. When I’m reading a sad news story, I put myself in the victim’s shoes because I want to recognize how drastically different my life could be. I always take time out of my day to remind myself how lucky I am to have a roof over my head and food in the fridge. Not only that, but to also have a loving, supportive family and friends that I can count on to be there for me.
  6. It makes me more creative. As someone who works in a creative field, I constantly use my emotions to guide me to not only good ideas, but brilliant ideas. Because I feel too much, I see the world from a different perspective than most people. This perspective makes me more creative because I don’t settle on one truth or another; instead, I blend your ideas together to form a thorough, coherent thought.
  7. It pushes me to ask the hard questions. I’m a sensitive person, so I don’t settle for yes or no answers or believe everything the media tells me. I look at the world through an unbiased lens because I want to understand. When I interpret a situation, I ask myself how the situation affects individuals and the world, not just me personally.
  8. It improves my relationships. Feeling too much means I’m always looking to resolve conflict and bring people together instead of tearing them apart (figuratively, of course). And same goes for my personal relationships. Because I’m sensitive to other people’s values, beliefs and feelings, my relationships are more likely to remain peaceful because all everyone wants is for someone to listen to them. After all, emphasizing with people is what we do best.
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