8 Things He Does That Tells You He Doesn’t Give A Damn About You

It might take a while to get to know your boyfriend inside and out, but there are some behaviors that don’t require you to be a genius to decode. Even if he tells you he loves you every day, if he does any of these things, it’s pretty clear he doesn’t actually give a crap about you:

He dismisses your emotions.

If he doesn’t make an effort to recognize and validate your feelings and he rejects them flat-out, it doesn’t only mean that he’s cold and heartless — it’s also him saying that how you feel doesn’t matter to him at all.

He manages to make everything your fault.

Yes, you have control over how you’ll respond to him in any given situation, but if he constantly makes your feelings out to be your fault, he basically doesn’t have the balls and isn’t man enough to address the reasons behind your feelings and work with you like a grown man and good partner should.

He doesn’t listen when you talk.

 Sure, there are going to be certain things he just doesn’t care about, like shopping or girl gossip, but that doesn’t mean he should ever tune you out when you’re speaking. When he isn’t all ears when you’re talking and this behavior continues after you’ve called his attention, it’s an obvious sign that he’s not even remotely interested of what you have to say.

You don’t get a say — he makes all the decisions.

 Checking in with you to hear your thoughts and opinions on something that affects both of you is the least he could do. Pretending to hear you out just so you’ll think your opinions matter is another thing. If you notice him doing the latter and he ends up calling the shots without asking