Florida Woman Arrested For Painting Car To Look Like Highway Patrol Car

Florida Woman Arrested For Painting Car To Look Like Highway Patrol Car Florida Highway Patrol

A Florida woman was arrested after she painted her car to look like a Florida Highway Patrol vehicle because she “likes the color scheme.” Iulia Pugachev, 28, was stopped while passing Florida Highway Patrol officers who were making a traffic stop. Authorities noticed the “FSO Guard” and badge logo on the side of the vehicle and pulled Pugachev over, and that’s when things got strange.

Pugachev wasn’t going to own up to what she’d done.

Pugachev, the owner of a security company, first told officers she was just test-driving the car. According to The Miami Herald, she was just checking it out as she’d just bought the vehicle. However, when officers told her that it’s illegal for a car to have the same color scheme of Florida Highway Patrol cars, she claimed she had no idea when she bought it.

Her lies were quickly uncovered. FHP officers ran the plates on the vehicle and discovered it wasn’t the one that came with the Dodge Charger when it was sold from the dealership. Not only that, but Iulia Pugachev had failed to register the car in any state at all.

She claims she simply loved the “color scheme” of FHP vehicles.

The woman then claimed she bought the car for her security company. When her story started falling apart, Pugachev tried a different path, telling officers that she had the mechanic fix the car and add a light bar. Then, because she “fell in love with the color scheme” of Florida Highway Patrol cars, she had them add a car wrap in black and tan. Of course, that makes no sense since the car was also bearing the logo of the FHP…

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Pugachev was arrested and taken into custody.

Iulia Pugachev was arrested and charged. She was given a notice to appear for several offenses including operating a car with no registration, imitation of a Flordia Highway Patrol unit, and misuse of a dealer license place.

It’s unclear what became of the vehicle in question, but it was likely impounded or she was ordered to change the exterior immediately.

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