Fried Chicken Drumstick Pants Are Your Next Big Style Move

Have you found yourself thinking, “You know what? I’m sick of standard pants that don’t reflect my love of KFC. I wish there was a pair out there that screamed ‘I’ll take a 12-piece Original Recipe with an extra biscuit, please'”? If so, you’re in luck because chicken drumstick pants are a thing.

They have an elastic waist. That means that if you wear them while eating KFC, you can comfortably stuff yourself without worrying that your pants are going to start digging in and annoying you. Nope, the chicken drumstick pants will expand with your waistline. They’d even be good to bring to Thanksgiving dinner! (You can tell your family they’re turkey drumstick pants—I won’t tell.)

They’re breathable and lightweight. Basically, they’re perfect for summer. You can throw these puppies (chickens?) on with a pair of Toms and your favorite white t-shirt and be on your way. And since the fabric isn’t heavy or constricting, they might even be good for your next yoga class or gym session. See what a good idea they are?

They’re cheap. So you won’t feel bad for tossing them out when they inevitably rip or you decide that maybe a grown woman can’t live in chicken drumstick pants anymore. (WHY CAN’T SHE?) It also means that when all your friends get jealous, which they totally will, you can buy them each a pair as a gift without breaking the bank. Win-win!

They’re hilarious. I mean, come on. Chicken drumstick pants? The idea itself is funny and in reality, they’re even funnier and are bound to bring a smile to the face of basically anyone who sees you, guaranteed. Don’t you want to be responsible for brightening up people’s days? I thought so.

If you’re still not convinced, let the item description speak for itself. As the seller writes on Amazon, “The pants will let you believe that fried chicken leg does exist, all the world are crazy.” I don’t know about you but I’m sold.

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