I Discovered Goddess Parties & Now I Want To Throw One For All My Friends

I was recently introduced to the idea of goddess parties and I’m now convinced every woman needs to have one. They’re intended to celebrate womanhood, empower women, and uplift the female mind. They’re becoming increasingly popular and can be thrown for pretty much any occasion.

  1. Having a baby Baby showers are the worst because they tend to focus on one thing: the baby. What about the woman carrying it? Unlike baby showers, a goddess party would focus on the baby and the mother. The mom-to-be is showered with support, uplifting vibes, and empowering thoughts to help her through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum life. There would be more of a focus on the woman who created life, not just the baby. You can still get the baby gifts, though, because who can resist tiny little onesies?
  2. Getting married If you think about it, traditional bachelorette parties are nothing close to celebratory. They’re basically just a congrats for managing to get a guy to put a ring on it. You get drunk with your best friends, hire a stripper, and kind of just go wild because it’s your “last chance” to do so. If you ask me, it sounds like you’re celebrating your last hurrah before being sentenced to prison. Replacing a bachelorette party with a goddess party allows women to celebrate what’s actually going to happen: a lifelong partnership. It’s a chance to celebrate the bride finding love, committing to a future with her partner, and becoming the foundation of a new family. Thankfully, alcohol is allowed.
  3. Turning another year older Just like any other rite of passage, birthday parties can be easily replaced with goddess parties. Celebrating a new year of life is a great way to thank, uplift, and embrace all of the women who have joined you in life so far. Also, it’s a perfect opportunity to introduce young teens and women to the power of their bodies. A goddess party has no rules or limitations, so why wait until later in life to celebrate womanhood? Women should be celebrated at every season of life, not just when they’re young.
  4. Having a spiritual awakening The friend who actually introduced me to the idea of a goddess party described it as more of a “hippie thing.” Of course I don’t mean rainbows, peace signs, and dreadlocks galore, but the spiritual aspect of a goddess party is very essential. After all, the terms uplift, empower, and embrace aren’t things we can physically hold, they’re just things we believe in. Goddess parties can be based upon these terms alone or taken up a notch with essential oils, incense, and the whole “celestial alignment” thing depending what you’re into. Many women also use yoga and meditation as the sole practice of their goddess party.
  5. Getting a divorce Goddess parties aren’t just for celebrating. Remember, the intent is to embrace and uplift women, so when a woman is going through a major upset, she may need to be reminded of the queen she is. We often uplift women when they accomplish something great, but what about when they need it most? I know a few times I could have used a goddess party after a bad breakup. This is a perfect time to have all your biggest supporters in one room, reminding you of how special and important you are.
  6. Experiencing a miscarriage This follows the same principle as the last. Women’s bodies are so amazing and powerful in their ways to make life, but can also experience the sudden, heartbreaking loss of life. More often than not, we offer our condolences and words of love to a woman who just experienced a loss, but the reach ends there. A goddess party would extend the love into physical support, uplift the mother, and celebrate the life that she carried.
  7. Setting goals for the future If you’re into this idea of vision boards or have already have one, a goddess party is calling your name. Invite all of your best friends over, extend the invite via Facebook or whatever social media you’re into, and create your own boards. What a perfect way to inspire, empower, and support each other’s futures.
  8. Embracing your sexuality Alright, time to turn up the volume for a minute. Every woman wants to feel sexy, desired, and even a bit raunchy at times. Since goddess parties are reserved for women only, they’re the perfect time to let loose. I’ve read of women hosting pole dancing classes, lingerie parties, boudoir photo shoots, and anything else your lusty mind can imagine. It’s a room full of powerful, sexy women helping other women feel powerful and sexy. Where can I sign up?
  9. For no reason at all I mean, we already throw parties and go to the bar for no reason at all, right? Why not throw an empowering, uplifting, goddess party just because? Last time I checked, women made the world go ’round, which sounds like a reason in itself to celebrate.