Restaurant Slammed For ‘Disgusting’ Chocolate Dessert Served In Toilet

Lots of restaurants like to have fun with food, presenting dishes in novel ways that confuse and delight diners. That’s part of the joy of the experience. However, it’s certainly possible to take things too far, as Gordos in Holon, Israel has proved. Their chocolate dessert, which resembles a big ol’ pile of excrement and is served in an actual toilet bowl, has been dubbed the most disgusting and disturbing thing ever.

  1. What is this dessert, even? While you might think it’s something complicated and meant to be fancy, it’s actually just a pile of chocolate ice cream smeared all over a literal toilet bowl to resemble… well, you get it.
  2. Gordos is proud of its toilet dessert. The dish is part of the establishment’s “secret menu” (wonder why?) but it believes the disgusting creation can drum up attention (though possibly not business) for the place, hence why Gordos shared videos of the dessert being prepared and served to customers on its social media pages.
  3. People have not reacted kindly to the concoction. One person said it “made them throw up,” while another dubbed it the “most disturbing” thing they’d ever seen. Another admitted that it looks like “one of the most uninviting dishes ever.”
  4. Even longtime customers have sworn off Gordos after seeing the toilet dessert. One commenter said they’d been to Gordos on many occasions but won’t be returning again. “As a regular customer of yours, honestly this time I was shocked by this look,” they wrote. “I’ll never enter this restaurant anymore.”
  5. The creation has put Gordos on the map. While it might not be for the best of reasons, These days, social media chatter is currency for businesses, so it doesn’t matter that people are dry heaving into their morning coffees upon seeing this. They’re talking about Gordos, and that’s all that matters. Sad but true!

ספיישל “חרבון בית שלישי” עכשיו בתפריט הסודי של גורדוס 😍 תייגו ילד.ה קקה שחושב אחרת מכם על הרפורמה המשפטית ואחלו לו יום קסום 🙏🏻

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