A Guy Reveals The Signs That You’re On His Mind A Lot

What does the inside of a guy’s mind look like? Trust me when I say that you probably don’t want to know. Of course, it’s natural that you would want to know when the man in your life has you on his mind. Most of the time, guys aren’t going to come right out and tell you that we’re thinking about you, but there are some little signs you can look out for.

He’s always happy to see you.

It’s easy for guys to say that they’re happy to see you, but we all know that actions speak louder than words. You know he’s been thinking about you when you can tell that he’s happy to see you. Is he smiling from ear to ear? Does he seem just a little nervous? These are clear signs that he’s feeling it. More importantly, they’re signals that he’s been anticipating seeing you, which doesn’t happen unless you’ve been on his mind.

His memory is on point.

It’s always a good sign when a guy remembers key details that you tell him. In fairness, some of us have bad memories, but when he genuinely likes you and thinks about you, it always helps his memory. It could be little things you like or cute anecdotes you tell him. Honestly, the details probably don’t matter that much. But if it’s obvious that he’s absorbed and remember things you’ve shared with him, it’s a safe bet he’s been thinking about you. He wouldn’t remember those things so easily if he wasn’t replaying those moments with you in his head.

He wants to learn more about you.

When a guy thinks about you, he usually thinks about more things that he wants to know about you. The next time he sees you, he’ll be filled with questions and be desperate to learn more. If the conversation is focused primarily on you without you even trying to steer it that way, the guy has probably been thinking about you a lot.

He’s affectionate.

No matter the circumstances, guys will almost always want to sleep with you. But if he’s been thinking about you seriously, he’ll be affectionate in other ways. You can tell because he’s trying to make physical contact without being obvious about trying to get you in bed. In other words, affection without sex means you’ve been on his mind.

He’s interested in your opinion.

Most guys don’t go far out of their way to ask for somebody’s opinion. That makes it a special occasion when he asks for your opinion on something important. It means he’s thinking about you and wants to get your thoughts before acting on something. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s kind of a big deal.

He wants to spend quality time with you.

A guy with casual feelings isn’t going to be too particular about what you do when you hang out. But that’s not the case with a guy with genuine feelings who thinks about you a lot. Since he’s thinking about you, he’ll want to plan ahead and have more ideas for things he wants to do with you. In other words, he wants to make sure that your time together is quality time. He wants to do something special and memorable. Believe me when I say that most guys don’t put in that kind of effort if you’re not constantly on their minds.

He opens up to you.

When a guy’s been thinking about you, he’ll be more eager to talk to you. More importantly, he’s more likely to go deep and open up to you. Since he’s been thinking about you, he’s become more comfortable with the idea of opening up to you. When you can tell he isn’t holding anything back, you’ve likely been on his mind.

He always texts back.

Typically, you ladies shouldn’t put too much stock in a guy’s texting habits, but when he’s always quick to text back and never leave you hanging, you can assume you’re on his mind. He’ll check his phone more often hoping that you’ve texted him and will respond right away. If he doesn’t do this, don’t overreact too much, but quick text responses are usually a sign that he’s thinking about you.

Little gifts and surprises.

Movies and TV shows have taught us to look for big gestures, but it’s usually the little things that let you know a guy has been thinking about you non-stop. He’ll give you small gifts or little surprises. It can be simple things that you don’t always notice. However, little niceties are one way that guys give away the fact that you’ve been on their minds without overtly telling you.

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