12 Guys Reveal The Most Annoying Things About Being Men

While there’s plenty of stuff that’s annoying about being a woman—having periods, birth control, acne, and big boobs getting in the way when you’re trying to go for a run just to name a few—being a guy isn’t all that easy either. A recent AskReddit thread asked guys to shed some light on some of the more annoying parts of the male experience and the answers were interesting to say the least.

  1. Making the first move While lots of guys are cool with being the pursuers in relationships, dailydonuts16 wishes the ball wasn’t always in his court, naming “always being expected to make the first move towards the woman” as his most annoying experience. 
  2. Erectile issues According to NastyLittleBagginses, problems down below cause his biggest annoyances. “Used to be getting random boners at inappropriate times,” he wrote. “Now, it’s not being able to get a boner at appropriate times.”
  3. Trying to keep it clean in the bathroom Women tend to get annoyed when men leave the toilet seats up, but guys (or at least foxtailavenger) find it hard to control where they’re peeing to begin with. “The way pee sprays in unpredictable directions sometimes” is his big bugaboo. Frankly, it might be ours too! 
  4. Making some uncomfortable adjustments In a post that many other guys agreed with, UrMomSquirtz admitted that “adjusting [his balls] in inappropriate places” was pretty annoying. Makes sense, especially since he’s bound to get some concerned or outright appalled looks if he’s caught. 
  5. Shaving While women hate having to shave our legs, bikini area, underarms, and everything else all the time, we’re apparently not alone in that. User baldmannbob wrote, “I hate having to shave my face so often.” We feel you, baldmannbob.
  6. Trying to find a balance This complaint combines the above about having to make the first move but also a bit of confusion when it comes to doing it the right way. As MexElf explained, “When you are single you are supposed to be the aggressor but not too aggressive….and that amount varies according to the girl. Some women prefer to be the aggressor but that’s rare.”
  7. Looking in the wrong place We’ve discussed men’s preoccupation with breasts on Bolde before, but guys are totally aware of this issue themselves. User bensonNF‘s main annoyance is “the fact no matter how hard I try I always catch myself staring at boobs.” Yeah, that’s one of our main annoyances about you guys too.
  8. Going without compliments Women love to get compliments from the guys we’re dating (or maybe thinking about dating) but we don’t often consider that guys might want a little extra assurance as well. User Aneides lamented, “Getting very few/no compliments from my SO [sucks]. I want to be told nice things about myself too.” We really should be giving our guys more compliments.
  9. Always wanting sex Yep, guys are aware of the fact that they can’t stop thinking about sex. Conquer69 admitted that his biggest annoyance is “being horny practically all the time. It affects the way I think and behave. Sometimes I want to be productive and focus on other things but my brain is having none of it. It’s like a generalized anxiety, but on my [junk].”
  10. Other guys We might like to think that guys stick together, but just as not all women like each other, not all guys get along. The_Unreal‘s biggest annoyance? “Dealing with other men. The number of testosterone poisoned, porcelain figurine fragile ego having bastards seems endless.”
  11. Body image issues Women aren’t the only ones who struggle with poor self-esteem and body dysmorphia, guys do too. Michael_Scarn427 reveals that “having to feel I have to stay quiet about the way I feel about my body” is a big issue for him, and likely for guys in general. 
  12. Clothes shopping Yep, guys hate it too. It might seem like there’s more pressure on women to dress smart and be up on the latest fashions but guys also feel it at times. According to imalonelyguytbh, there just isn’t enough selection for men. “I’ve noticed in every clothing store, we have this small corner in the back of the store for our clothes then the rest of the store is 95% female clothing,” he wrote.

Clearly there are parts about being both male or female that are annoying or not so easy to deal with. Men probably think women have it easier while we feel the opposite is true. So what’s the reality? We all have our struggles, but frankly, I wouldn’t trade being a woman for the world. Would you?

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