How Guys Keep Scaring Away The Best Women

A guy manages to snag a great woman, but in no time he loses her. Why? Some guys have their own ideas about what a woman wants, and it’s no surprise that they’re wrong. Their brilliant ideas end up driving those great women away. I don’t know if they’re just listening to bad advice or they really think women like being treated like a forgotten goldfish. All I know is that guys are scaring us away, and it’s time for it to stop. My guess is, you’ve run for many of these same reasons.

  1. It’s all about sex. What happened to waiting to the end of the date for the first kiss? From the moment he picks you up, he’s suddenly all hands. No, I don’t need a hand on my ass just to walk through a door. Wait, I’m supposed to do what on the first date?! Don’t pressure a woman for sex. Just don’t.
  2. Moving way too fast. A guy starts talking about marriage on the first few dates and I’m gone. It’s great to let a woman know you’re looking for something lasting, but telling her how you’re going to propose, where the wedding’s going to be and how many kids she’ll be popping out for you is a little creepy. Slow it down! Worry about forever a little later.
  3. Giving his friends priority. While you should never give up your friends for a woman, you shouldn’t push her to the side when your friends call either. Nothing’s more confusing than thinking a guy’s really into you only to have him cancel at the last minute because his friends want to play laser tag. Are you kidding me? Yeah, that’s going to make me believe you can commit to me.
  4. Dumping all of his friends. Once again, it’s perfectly okay for a guy to hang out with his buddies as long as he still makes plenty of time for you. It’s scary when he suddenly dumps all his friends and even family so he can spend every waking second with you. Guys might think this is sweet, but it just kind of screams stalker. Plus, if he dumps the people he cares about so quickly, what’s he going to do if he gets bored with you?
  5. Needing constant updates. Women still deserve a personal life, even if they’re dating someone. It’s creepy and annoying as hell when a guy needs to know every single detail about a woman all day long. Honestly, stop texting to see what I ate and when and who with. Ask me how my day is and I’ll fill in the details.
  6. Getting crazy jealous. That whole caveman thing might seem attractive, but it’s not. A woman isn’t your personal property. She can talk to other guys just like you can talk to other women. Guys are scaring away women just because they’re insecure. Stop with the jealousy already. A little is fine, but when it means a woman can’t talk to anyone else, it’s gone way the hell too far.
  7. Going compliment crazy. Don’t get me wrong. Women love getting compliments, but only if you really mean them. The constant compliments just let us know you’re trying way too hard to get laid. Either that or you’re extremely needy. Either way, it scares us away.
  8. Having zero sense of humor. Maybe you’re not the best joke teller, but lighten up already. Dating is awkward enough, but having a guy who’s serious all the time makes it even worse. Honestly, women just want to avoid whatever baggage is making the guy so serious. After all, if a guy can’t relax and laugh a little, it’s going to be a miserable relationship.
  9. Crying about an ex during a date. Yes, it does happen. If you haven’t encountered this guy yet, you’re lucky. And no, I’m not going to stick around and make it all better. You’re obviously not over your ex. I don’t need to know how she broke your heart. I barely even know you yet.
  10. Bragging all the time. I’m so happy you think you’re God’s gift to women and that you could be having a threesome right now. Good for you. Going on for hours about how much you make, how many nice things you have, how much better you are than others and how incredibly hot you are is just going to make me run. Massive egos are just a sign it’s time to run away and run away fast.
  11. Being rude. You might think it makes you seem macho to be rude to the waiter or that poor guy YOU bumped into. You might also think it’s impressive to belch loud enough for a small country to hear. It’s not. If you can’t be respectful to others, we’re just going to think you’ll treat us the same way. We want to be treated nicely. Act like an ass to everyone else and it’ll definitely scare women away.

Guys don’t have to keep scaring away women. Act a little like a gentleman and use common sense. It’s really not that complicated.

Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger. She's a tech geek at heart, but loves telling it like it is when it comes to love, beauty and style. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and curling up with a great book. You can find her on Twitter @ccrowderwrites or check out her other writing on Medium.