How To Attract A Quality Guy: Ways To Get His Attention

I think we’ve all had our share of terrible boyfriends and almost relationships and we’re sick and tired of guys who just aren’t serious and definitely aren’t worth our time. So how can you attract a quality guy who’s mature, intelligent, courteous, and actually ready for a real adult relationship? Doing these things aren’t a guarantee to bring Mr. Right your way, but they’ll definitely increase your chances of that happening.

Build a life you’re proud of. If you really want to attract a quality guy, the best way to go about it is to do nothing at all. By that I mean, your energy shouldn’t be focused on trying to get guys to like you. Instead, it should be concentrated on building the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of having and one you’re proud of. When you’re in such a solid place, everyone will take notice, men included.

Establish standards and boundaries and stick to them. The reason you’ve dealt with crappy guys in the past is likely because you let your boundaries slip or forgave things you really never should have accepted. By establishing firm standards and expectations in your relationships, you’ll weed out guys who can’t or simply won’t meet them, paving way for you to attract quality guys instead.

Never dumb yourself down. Many women believe that in order to be seen as desirable by men, they have to act like helpless, hapless creatures who simply can’t function without male guidance. Screw that! You’re smart and savvy and should never downplay that or cover it up. Be proud to show off your intelligence and know-how and the right kinds of guys will come your way.

Wear what makes you feel good about your body. You don’t have to get your cleavage out or wear butt-hugging jeans in order to attract a quality guy (or any guy at all). In fact, the real key here is just to wear something that makes you feel good in your own skin. That might be a hoodie and some cute sneakers, who knows? When you feel comfortable and like you look good, you WILL look good. It’s that simple.

Find comfort in your own company. At the end of the day, it’s crazy how being cool on your own has the unexpected effect of drawing guys towards you, but that definitely happens. By building that aforementioned life you love and finding pleasure in your own company, men will realize that you don’t need them, and that’s sexy as hell.

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