How To Make A Guy Text You Every Day 

FYI, it’s never a good idea to tell someone you’re dating that they have to text you daily. It’s the perfect way to make them want to run away. But, if you want the guy you’ve started dating to text you every day because it’s a sign of textual chemistry, there are ways in which you can encourage it to happen. Here are 12 things you can try.

  1. Make him miss you. Don’t keep him on the phone or on a WhatsApp message thread for hours until you both don’t have anything to say so there are awkward silences. Give him a reason to want to call or text you the next day by leaving something interesting behind. End the chat when it’s still on a high so he takes those fuzzy feelings with him.
  2. Show him you value his opinion. Hey, we all want to feel needed. It feels amazing when the person we’re dating cares about what we think or what we’d do in certain situations. So, ask him for his advice once in a while. It’ll make him want to be around you ‘cause he feels needed. Disclaimer: don’t become a damsel in distress or ask him his opinion every single day – that comes across as clingy and you don’t have to resort to such tactics to get his attention. 
  3. Figure out his love language. There are five love languages: acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, and quality time. Pay attention to the guy and how he behaves so you can learn his love language. When you do this, you’ll be able to use the most effective texts to keep him intrigued and wanting more. For example, if you know he loves physical touch, texting him to say that he gives the best hugs in the world is sure to get his attention. 
  4. Talk about something he’s never done. When planning fun activities for you guys to do together, it sometimes helps to think about things he’s never done before. This will make him remember you in a meaningful way. So, has he never tried spaghetti pizza or got a tarot card reading even though he’d like to? Now’s your chance to suggest that via text. 
  5. Ask him creative questions. Sometimes people don’t reply to texts ‘cause they’re not direct questions. No one wants to receive a “Hope you had a good day” text. Seriously, that’s not going to encourage him to want to chat to you daily. By asking him stuff about his goals, family, and other deep things, he’ll find the chats interesting and this will make him want them regularly. Imagine you’re interviewing someone who’s been asked the same old questions all the time. By thinking out the box and being a bit creative, you’ll give them something refreshing that’s so intriguing.
  6. Leave him hanging. If he knows you love to paint in your spare time and he’s asked you about your hobby, don’t tell him a whole story about it so you give everything away. Think of texting your guy like watching episodes of your favorite show. Chances are that you continue watching it because it leaves you hanging at the end of each episode. You’re so intrigued you have to Netflix it all weekend. A similar thing happens with texting. If the guy has more he wants to know about you, he’ll be texting you to find out about it.
  1. Leave the negative energy at home. Think about the people you love texting regularly. Chances are they’re fun, make you laugh, make you feel positive, and/or keep things light. Text chats aren’t the time for anything heavy (save that stuff for when you’re in person), so keep them light and he’ll be drawn to them. Just imagine when he gets home from work after a busy, stressful day and he sees your fun text – he’s going to want to chat. Soon, he’ll look forward to having those invigorating chats ‘cause they keep him going.  
  2. Showcase the best things about your life. You should focus on showing him the best parts about you and your life. This will be appealing to him. Think of it like going to a job interview. You wouldn’t moan about the boring day you had at work or tell the interviewer that you lack punctuality, right? So, save all the highlights for him. 
  3. Make yourself unavailable on email. If he’s always sending you emails and it feels like he just wants to chat to you during office hours, it’s a good idea to stop replying via email once you’re certain he has your phone number. This should encourage him to reach out via text instead. By disappearing on email, this will also make him miss you so he’ll reach out to find out where you are.
  4. Focus on your next time together. You don’t want to end up in a texting rut where you’re only texting instead of progressing your relationship. By mentioning your next quality time together, such as by saying that you’re excited to see him, this will make him want to chat to and see you. Building excitement for future dates is a great way to keep you both on the same page. 
  5. Build on your shared interests. If he loves playing the guitar as much as you do, send him a cool guitar you saw online. If he loves salsa dancing, let him know of a fun salsa event that’s happening in your area. These types of texts will prevent you from sending generic messages to see how he’s doing, and he’s likely to send you something related to your mutual interests in future. They can also inspire awesome date ideas.
  6. Tune into your inner comedian. While you shouldn’t try too hard to make him laugh, engaging in witty banter will keep things light, fun, and make him more likely to want to text you. The great thing about humor is that it’s a good foundation for flirting, and it allows you to keep him interested in flirting without coming across too strong or making things weird.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.