If You Miss Someone, Can They Feel It? 17 Signs They Can

Maybe you used to be BFFs but ended up drifting apart. Or, maybe you were in a long-term relationship but eventually broke up because things just weren’t working out. Either way, you’re missing someone and you can’t get them off your mind — is it possible they can feel it? Sure, you know ESP isn’t real and everything, but if you shared a strong connection in the past, you can’t help but think it might be possible that they’re getting the vibe that they’re on your mind.

While science might not be raising its hand to confirm, many of us have experienced those uncanny moments that make us wonder. So, if you’ve been replaying memories of an old flame or reminiscing about a long-lost friend, here are some signs that they just might be feeling your vibes too.

  1. You hear from them out of nowhere. You know those times when you’re deep in thought about someone, and suddenly your phone pings with a message from them? Coincidence? Maybe. But sometimes, the timing feels just a bit too perfect. This unexpected reach-out could be a sign that they’re picking up on those energetic wavelengths you’re sending out.
  2. They show up in your dreams. If you’ve had vivid dreams where you’re interacting with this person, and then you hear from them saying they’ve dreamt of you too, that’s something to pause and ponder. Dreams are a mysterious realm, and while interpretations can vary, shared dream experiences can sometimes hint at a deeper connection.
  3. Your friends mention them randomly.  When mutual friends or acquaintances bring up their name out of the blue or mention that this person was talking about you recently, it might be more than just casual conversation. Maybe they’ve been reminiscing or asking about you because they’re sensing your lingering thoughts and feelings.
  4. You see random reminders of them everywhere. When every song on the radio, movie on TV, or book on the shelf seems to echo their name or shared memories, it could be the universe’s way of saying there’s a lingering connection. While it’s essential to recognize that our brains are pattern-seeking machines, sometimes these patterns are worth a second look.
  5. Your gut feeling is telling you they’re missing you. Trusting your gut is powerful. If you’ve got this persistent feeling or intuition that they’re thinking of you or missing you just as much, there might be some truth to it. Our intuitions, while not infallible, often pick up on subtle cues that our conscious minds might overlook.
  6. You get sudden waves of emotion for them. Ever had those moments where you feel an inexplicable surge of emotion tied to that person? Maybe a burst of happiness, a pang of sadness, or an overwhelming sense of nostalgia? These can be seen as energetic echoes. It’s as if their feelings and thoughts are resonating with yours, creating a ripple effect that you pick up on.
  7. You come across their old stuff even though you haven’t seen or thought about it for ages. Stumbling upon old letters, gifts, photos, or other mementos at seemingly random moments can feel like more than mere coincidence. It’s as if these items reappear in your life just when you’re thinking about them, hinting at a synchronicity between your memories and present feelings.
  8. You keep seeing their name or initials everywhere. Okay, this might sound like a stretch, but bear with me. If you keep spotting their name or initials in unexpected places—like on a license plate, in a random advertisement, or even scribbled on a cafe chalkboard—it might hint at an underlying connection.
  9. You mention the same shared memory at the same time. When you both end up mentioning a shared memory or experience around the same time without any prompt, it’s like your minds are in sync. This simultaneous reminiscing can be a heartwarming sign that you’re both tuned into the same frequency.
  10. A chill or other sensation comes over your body when they’re on your mind. Some people report feeling specific physical sensations—a tingling feeling, warmth, or even a gentle pressure—when they sense someone they’re deeply connected to thinking about them. It’s as if the body is tuned into those emotional and energetic frequencies.
  11. Animals and nature show the signs. It might sound out there, but nature has its ways of connecting us. A butterfly that lingers, a bird that sings louder when you’re deep in thought, or even a pet that becomes more attentive can be seen as nature’s way of reflecting back those deep connections and thoughts.
  12. One particular element of your relationship keeps springing to mind. If you find yourself constantly thinking about a particular place, song, or activity you both shared, and then they mention the same thing, it’s like your thoughts are playing in harmony.
  13. You keep crossing paths. Sure, if you live in the same town or work in the same area, you might bump into each other occasionally. But when it’s happening frequently, especially in unexpected places and moments when you’re deep in thought about them, it can feel like there’s some invisible string pulling you two together.
  14. A sudden smell hits your nose that reminds you of them. There are times when you’re alone, and suddenly, out of the blue, you catch a whiff of a scent that’s uniquely tied to them—be it their perfume, cologne, or even the distinct aroma of a dish they love. This unexplained phenomenon can be seen as a sensory nudge, hinting at their presence in your thoughts and feelings.
  15. Your phone is sending you signals. This one’s a bit modern, but bear with me. Ever had your phone act up, open a chat with them, play a song, or show an old picture without any prompting? Or perhaps a social media algorithm suddenly floods your feed with memories and suggestions tied to them? In an era dominated by technology, these digital nudges can sometimes feel like the universe’s way of connecting dots.
  16. Somehow, you just know. Beyond any concrete sign or occurrence, there’s that deep, intuitive sense where you just know they’re thinking about you, missing you, or that you’ll soon hear from them. This unshakable belief, even in the absence of any tangible proof, speaks to the profound connections we can have with others, rooted in feelings and shared experiences.
  17. You find out you were going through the same thing at the same time. Ever had one of those days where you felt unusually upbeat, or perhaps unexplainably down, only to later discover that they were going through a significant moment or emotional event on that very day? Emotions can be powerful, and sometimes, even if miles apart, when two people share a deep connection, they might also unconsciously share or mirror each other’s emotional states. It’s as if your souls are intertwined in such a way that when one dances, the other can’t help but move to the same rhythm.

Is it actually possible for people to feel when you miss them?

So, can someone know if you’re missing them? Well, there’s no psychic hotline or secret signal going on. Realistically, if you haven’t directly told them, they probably don’t know know. That being said, it’s not entirely impossible that your special someone can feel it if you miss them.

If you guys have mutual friends, there’s a chance you’ve let something slip. Like, maybe you asked one of them how the person’s been lately or brought them up in conversation. Friends talk, and sometimes, things get back around.

Then there’s the whole social media aspect. If you’re posting certain songs or quotes that are a dead giveaway, or maybe ‘liking’ their posts more often, they might put two and two together.

Also, people remember stuff. If there were specific places, songs, or even inside jokes that meant something to both of you, and you mention them or revisit those places, they might catch on.

But at the end of the day, the only way someone will truly know you’re missing them is if you tell them. Everything else is just guesswork. So if you’re feeling it, maybe it’s worth reaching out? Just a thought.

Gail is Bolde's social media and partnership manager, as well as an all-around behind-the-scenes renaissance woman. She worked for more than 25 years in her city's local government before making the switch to women's lifestyle and relationship sites, initially at HelloGiggles before making the switch to Bolde.