I Want To Find Love, But I’m Sick Of Dealing With Crappy Guys

There’s no nice way to put it — our dating culture blows and it’s gotten way out of hand. The abundance of BS guys I regularly come across is enough to make me want to quit looking for love altogether. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely good guys out there too but they’re pretty few and far between — I’m sick of it.

They’re terrified of commitment.

Guys these days just don’t want to commit like they used to. Instead of the old fashioned beliefs of settling down with one amazing woman, starting a family and carrying on the family name and traditions, it’s all about hooking up, having multiple women on the go and taking pictures of their extremely un-photogenic penises.

They’re lazier than ever these days.

Men rarely take the time to type out a thoughtful text let alone pick up the phone and actually call. And you can forget about unexpected surprise visits — we get unwanted late night phone calls for sex instead. How sweet.

They ghost you instead of giving you a real ending.

If they aren’t feeling it, you’ll never know because they drop off the face of the earth before telling you. I know that women ghost too, but men do it exceedingly more — those are the facts. It’s really not that difficult to say, “Hey, you’re a great person but I’m just not feeling a connection!” but they can’t handle the concept of dealing with the natural reactions that come with letting someone down, so they avoid it completely because they lack the balls they claim to own.

They expect sex without effort.

I know the golden age of courtship is over, but it shouldn’t be so over that we’ve come to this place now where sex is practically expected before we’re seen as worthy of any of a guy’s time. It’s complete BS that men are trying to have sex with us without making us feel special in any way first —not to mention the fact that so many of them trick us into thinking they want something real and forever only to bow out as soon as they get what they want.

They’re superficial.

I kind of blame the media portrayal of beauty for this one but so many men are under the illusion that they deserve a Heidi Klum lookalike in their bed next to them. Trophy wives and imagery are at the forefront of wants and the needs of actual personality, intellect and kindness are low on the list of what they want in a partner.

They can’t handle conflict.

They run at the first and most minor sign of struggle. Stuff gets hard in any and every relationship worth having — that’s why they say love is a fight. Still, at the end of the day, you need to have faith the love will win. They don’t even try to seek resolution anymore. They just bounce quickly over to the next fresh start until the next flaw comes up to send them running again.

They toss the “crazy” label out way too often.

As annoying as this is, it’s never going to end. BS guys are always tossing the crazy label at us when they don’t like that we’ve called them out on their stuff. Well, it’s our turn now. It’s better to be crazy than a BS guy.

They’re not even prizes themselves most of the time.

They expect so much from women these days when they don’t even have their own act together. It’s OK to struggle, but to not even try to earn your full adult card is just ridiculous.

They run from real emotions.

The same way they run from conflict, they freak out at real emotions. If you tell them you miss them or that you were thinking of them, they’re like, “Whoa, this girl is clingy” and run the opposite direction. Sorry for giving a crap about you, you ungrateful twit.

They’re selfish AF.

So many men are only out to satisfy themselves. They take their orgasms and run. They take their ego boost and run. Basically, millennial dating is sucking the life out of one another and unfortunately on many occasions, women are getting the short end of the stick.

They screw the good women over too often.

It’s no surprise that more and more women are jaded these days, and the absurd part is that we’re shamed for it. We’re told we just need to “get over it” and to “not let it get to us” so much — but how can we not when we’re dealing with such BS behaviors in quick and short successions? It’s a circus out here and even though there are good seeds on both sides of the spectrum, there are more BS guys than ever before. I’m sick of them. GTFO.

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