Is Your Relationship Dependent On Social Media?

Is Your Relationship Dependent On Social Media? ©iStock/Geber86

Social media makes it pretty easy to get swept up in the appearance of things instead of just enjoying the moment. While most of us become obsessed with more innocuous things like documenting our brunch or taking gym selfies, it’s a bit more serious when your relationship is more eventful on Facebook or Instagram than it is in real life. Afraid your love affair may be a little too dependent on how many people “like” your pics and statuses? Here are some signs that you’re in a relationship that wouldn’t exist if your social media didn’t.

Pics or it didn’t happen. Your motto is, “What’s love if no one else can see it?” You’re happy and you can prove it with these adorable photos of you kissing and cuddling.

You always have a date. You’re not the type of girl that would show up to a wedding unaccompanied and have to live down your single status again and again as each photo from the event gets uploaded to Facebook.

You’re the competitive type. There’s no way you could let your high school BFF steal the thunder with her relationship status updates. It’s always a competition to see who’s doing the best.

Your bio is all about him. Surely you have some hobbies of your own but your social media bios all just point to the fact that you’re taken and feeling heart-eyed about it.

You like to make your exes jealous. Hey, half the fun of dating someone new is to rub it in the face of the men of your past right? Or, maybe you want your exes current girlfriend to be less suspicious that you still have the hots for her man.

Your mom is putting on pressure. The phone calls from your mom about when you’re going to settle down and get married are getting more and more frequent. Makes sense to quiet her down a little by looking taken even if you’re not that serious about him (or him about you).

You use your Facebook wall instead of texting. You’re writing on your man’s wall to tell him that you’re thinking about him instead of just texting him. You just feel like everyone should know what a sweet girlfriend you are.

You tag him in every single photo. Even if he isn’t in it. You’re more likely to get twice the likes when an extra person is tagged in a photo, right? You tag him in everything you post just because you guys are a team, or something.

You force him to post photos of you. Your guy is a little less intense with his social media habits than you are, so that’s exactly why you put on the pressure and make him post more. It can’t be just your page that is flooded with couple pics, people might get suspicious.

You know all the peak posting times. If you’re going to post a photo, you’re going to make sure that it gets seen. You’re practically your own social media manager and team all in one.

Your friends are tired of taking photos for you. Couple selfies are great, but they can’t all be selfies, and for that reason you’ve enlisted your best friends to take more “candid” looking shots of you and your boo every time you guys are out. They’re exhausted.

You retweet everything he posts. Okay, he has some witty tweets from time to time, but do your followers really need to know what he had for breakfast this morning, or do you just want to remind everyone that the man eating breakfast belongs to you? Think about it.

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