Twitch Streamer’s Viewer Travels 700 Miles To Her House Just To Set Her Car On Fire

Twitch Streamer’s Viewer Travels 700 Miles To Her House Just To Set Her Car On Fire YouTube / justfoxii | Twitter / @kyleecarterrr

Twitch streamer Kylee Carter, better known as JustFoxii, has admitted that one of her viewers traveled over 700 miles to her home just to set her car on fire. Carter shared images of the car on fire on her Twitter account and later opened up about the frightening experience in a YouTube video.

“I was asleep, it was around two in the morning and my mom called me. She was crying, and I knew something really bad had happened,” she recalled “She said ‘Someone caught your car on fire. I’m really sorry, I have to go, the police are here. And she was in the house while all of this was happening.”

Carter then reviewed security camera footage to see exactly what happened at her home since she wasn’t there at the time. Seeing one of her most valuable possessions destroyed was a very hard pill to swallow.

“I saw my car in flames. That’s the first thing I saw. I just couldn’t believe that I was watching my car – that I worked so hard for – just burn,” she continued. “And for somebody to take that from me is very hurtful. I will never be able to understand that.”

While the man who started the fire was eventually arrested, Kylee Carter was left shaken up at how much worse the damage could have been, especially if the fire succeeded in spreading to her house.

“The firefighters came very quickly and I’m very thankful for that because the fire spread to the fence and burnt the side of my house,” she said. “Which my mom and animals were inside of. We’re all traumatized in ways that I will never be able to describe. But I’m just glad everyone is safe. That’s the most important thing to me.”

The terrifying ordeal of having a viewer travel 700 miles to cause her property (and potentially her) serious harm also made her reevaluate her Twitch streaming career as JustFoxii.

“I just never thought that when I started streaming back in 2015, that something like this would ever happen to me,” she admitted. “I’m hopefully going to be back to grinding soon. I’ve always loved streaming so much but it’s so hard to even feel motivated when all of this is happening.”

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