This Is The Kind Of Guy You Should Date Based On Your Favorite Wine

The dating game is hard, ladies. Anyone else have a hard time figuring out what their “type” is or what it should be? It’d be great if you could just know what kind of dude you should be dating based on, like, your favorite wine, right? Let’s try it!<


You’re a bold personality and you need a man who’s confident enough to embrace and balance it. You’re a self-assured and sexy woman, so any guy with masculinity issues is just not going to cut it. Your best fit knows how to appeal to your stubborn side…and when to back off.

Where you’ll meet him: at the gym, an open mic night, or the dog park

Celebrity date inspiration: Channing Tatum<Moscato 

You’re more of a cupcake girl, aren’t you? Find a man who’s got a sensitive side but a great sense of humor! A dude who can get in touch with his empathy and also nostalgia and who you can just let loose and be silly with!

Where you’ll meet him: an improv class, a thrift shop, or a theme park

Celebrity date inspiration: Chris Pratt
Red Zinfandel 

Men who are just a little bit dangerous are attractive to you. A personality that makes people stop and think twice. When you meet a man who seems ready to take it to the next level, just make sure that he always knows your boundaries and expectations. Don’t let him mess with your heart!

Where you’ll meet him: at a hotel bar, or at a tattoo shop, or online

Celebrity date inspiration: Jason Momoa
Sauvignon Blanc 

In a potential partner, you find intelligence to be the sexiest quality of all. Your ideal man will stimulate your mind as well as, well, other things. You need a guy who takes you on thoughtful dates and can appreciate culture as much as you do.

Where you’ll meet him: bar trivia night, a museum or art gallery, or the local bookstore

Celebrity date inspiration: Jude Law

You love to have a good time, so it’s sometimes hard to find a guy who can keep up with you. You need someone who’s motivated and likes finding new places to go out. You both love to enjoy the finer things in life but still don’t take yourselves too seriously.

Where you’ll meet him: a costume party, at brunch, or while doing volunteer work

Celebrity date inspiration: Zac Efron

A man who’s easygoing and even-tempered is your best fit, but don’t mistake those qualities for boring. This guy has an oh-so-attractive quiet passion to him. Maybe it’s a hobby that he gets excited about or maybe it’s just the fact that he’s a secret romantic. Either way, you two rock the “understated sexy” look as a couple.

Where you’ll meet him: the local farmer’s market, a wedding, or at an alumni reunion

Celebrity date inspiration: Jesse Williams

You’re just a girl who enjoyed her Disney cartoons growing up and is looking for her Prince Charming now. You want someone who’s grounded, supportive, and buff who will sweep you right off your feet. There are adventures out there to be had and this guy will have your back as you explore them together!

Where you’ll meet him: at a friend’s party, a sporting event, or while on a hike

Celebrity date inspiration: Drake
Pinot Grigio 

A chill chick, you’re going to be a perfect match with a man who’s down-to-earth and easy to talk to. Maybe you’re a little too trusting, but as a dude prone to falling head over heels himself, he’ll understand and prove himself worthy of that trust.

Where you’ll meet him: at the grocery store, a local concert, or on the bus

Celebrity date inspiration: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Cabernet Sauvignon 

You and your ideal man value experiences over material things, so get ready for a lot of big adventures! He’ll be well-traveled and excited to see more of the world with you by his side. Classic movies, modern decor, and delicious food are all going to be on the menu with this guy.

Where you’ll meet him: an airport, a new restaurant opening, or a networking event

Celebrity date inspiration: Leo DiCaprio
Pinot Noir 

Classy, charming, and well-spoken—the guy for you is always at the center of his social group. While he may have a bit of a lengthy dating history, don’t worry—once this guy decides to commit to you, he’s in it for the long haul. You’ll have fun trading sarcastic jokes and witty comebacks with each other.

Where you’ll meet him: the local coffeehouse, while taking a class at a coworking space!Celebrity date inspiration: Ryan Reynolds

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