‘Legends Of The Hidden Temple’ Is Coming Back And It’s For Adults This Time

‘Legends Of The Hidden Temple’ Is Coming Back And It’s For Adults This Time Nickelodeon

I’m 35 now, which means that I grew up during the ’90s at the height of awesome pop music and amazing kids’ TV. I used to sit in front of the TV watching Nickelodeon for hours (when I wasn’t playing outside, of course – we didn’t have the internet in the early ’90s, thankfully!) watching everything from All That to GUTS. One of my favorite shows was Legends of the Hidden Temple, which I just found out is making a comeback, but this time for adults!!

  1. It’s a dream come true! I’m generally NOT a fan of reboots and truly believe in my heart of hearts that if something was great during its original run, it deserves to be left in peace. Rebooted shows/movies are never as good as the original because the originals existed in the bubble of the time/culture in which they were aired. That being said, game shows are the one exception to this rule in my eyes.
  2. Quibi is behind the reboot. If you’re not familiar with Quibi, they’re a mobile content platform based in Los Angeles. It’s set to launch on April 6, 2020 and will offer some pretty great content, including an updated Legends of the Hidden Temple for grown-ups.
  3. Many things will stay the same. It may be 2020, but some of the most beloved elements of the original game will be back in the new version, including the Temple Run, the Moat Crossing, and of course Olmec!
  4. There will be some changes too. Technological advancements mean that the new Legends of the Hidden Temple can reach whole new awesome heights. For one thing, the new game will take place in an ACTUAL jungle. Plus, we can expect the show to be “scaled up with tougher challenges and bigger prizes on the line,” which is pretty sweet!
  5. The exact release date is currently unknown, but the guarantee that it’s coming is enough for me! Given that Quibi doesn’t launch until April means that we won’t get new Legends of the Hidden Temple until at least then, but hopefully we won’t have too long a wait after that because I’m SO EXCITED.

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