When It Comes To Love, Complicated Women Are Worth The Effort

Sometimes complicated women can seem like they’re not worth the effort when it comes to dating, but that’s BS. We can be complex and a little intense, but we’re also some of the most interesting, passionate, and loyal people you’ll ever meet. Here’s why complicated women make such good girlfriends:

We keep you guessing.

We might seem all over the map, but there’s a beautiful method to our madness that you’ll only discover when you start to dig deeper into our layers, because she has so many. You’ll never know what we’re about to do next (because sometimes even we don’t know) and it’ll challenge you to want to keep up with us.

We keep you intrigued.

There are so many things to discover about us  because we don’t fall under just one category. We can be a mix of the nice girl, the alpha female, and the heart on our sleeves type all rolled into one. This will keep you guessing and as the person we are unfolds in front of you, you’ll love the way we keep surprising you.

We have unique stories that make us who we are.

Complicated women have been through many ups and downs in life, which is why we’re so complicated. Those experiences have shaped the people we are and altered the way we live our lives. We could be at the top of our game one day, bossing everything from our careers to our social lives, and the next day we’re crying on the couch while watching a marathon of sappy movies. We have a depth of character that even we don’t fully understand.

We’re not afraid of our opinions.

Because we’ve been through and learned so much in our lives, we’re not afraid of saying what’s on our minds, even if you might not agree. Because we’re at peace with who we are, complexities and all, we won’t shy away from what we think or how we feel just to appease you. This makes being with us fun, because we’ll also learn from each other even if we have a difference of opinions.

We’re open about our flaws.

The complicated girl is someone who’s come face to face with her flaws and has learned to live with them — hell, maybe we even find confidence in them! We’ll be 100% authentic with you and won’t hide things or bottle it up, only to explode on you later. We’re complicated, and we own it fully.

We’ll never bore you.

How can you be bored with a woman who’s unpredictable? You can’t. If you want complacent and boring, don’t date us. If you want exhilarating excitement and to learn new things for the duration of your relationship, then hold onto us.

We’re truly ourselves around you.

You’ll never have to wonder if we’re putting on an act just to keep you interested, because we’ll always be us, no matter who likes it. We know that being and owning our layers is what makes us stand out to the right person, and if that person is you, enjoy the ride. If we fall for you, you’ll be the best part of our complicated world.

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