Thief Who Robbed And Injured Elderly Woman Has Boiling Water Poured Over Him In Prison

Thief Who Robbed And Injured Elderly Woman Has Boiling Water Poured Over Him In Prison Durham Police

A man who robbed and injured an old woman has been subjected to a “horrific” attack while in prison. Dean Kenyon, 35, is said to have had boiling water poured over his arms and legs by a fellow inmate. His injuries were so serious, Kenyon required extensive surgery, The Metro reports.

  1. Kenyon robbed the woman in January. The crime happened in Consett, County Durham, UK, with Kenyon snatching the 79-year-old woman’s purse and knocking her to the ground. She experienced life-changing injuries as a result of the attack.
  2. He was identified by CCTV. Police recognized Kenyon immediately from footage of the attack and he has been in prison since January 2022. He later pleaded guilty to robbery.
  3. The attack was revealed during Kenyon’s sentencing hearing. Appearing via video link from HMP Durham, Kenyon’s attorney Chris Morrison told the court of his client’s ordeal while behind bars. “He had boiling water poured over his arms and legs, resulting in skin grafts to his arms and legs,” Morrison said. “He has had five skin graft operations and his mobility is to be affected by these. He is currently heavily sedated and is in constant and searing pain.”
  4. Kenyon is extremely remorseful for what he did. Morrison said that his client is “mortified” by his actions. “When the sober realization of what he had done to that vulnerable lady dawned upon him, he was mortified, and is mortified to this day,” he explained. He went on to say that Kenyon stole the purse to get money for drugs.
  5. This was Kenyon’s second offense. This was the second time Kenyon targeted a woman to rob, having previously stolen a bag from a woman in her 50s in October 2020. He pushed her into a barbershop window after approaching her from behind and stole her purse, The Mirror reports.

Kenyon was given a six-year prison sentence with three years probation.

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