I’m Not Playing Hard To Get, I Just Have High Standards

A lot of guys refuse to accept rejection, instead choosing to believe that the woman doing the rejecting is simply playing hard to get. It’s frustrating as hell—I’m not playing a game, dudes, I’m just not interested because I have high standards.

I know what kind of a man I deserve.

Luckily for me, I know exactly how much I’m worth, which means that I have no intention of settling for anyone. Knowing your worth is the single most important step to finding the person you want to be with, and any guy who thinks he can convince me that he’s worth it even when I can see exactly how unworthy he is is delusional. I have better things to do than compromise on a guy.

Just because he’s into me doesn’t mean I have to find him attractive.

I’m so tired of guys who think that I’m automatically going to want them because they’re attracted to me. How arrogant does he have to be to think I’m going to fall for anyone who thinks I’m hot? I don’t need a guy to validate me. I know I’m hot, and just because he has a pair of eyes to notice the obvious doesn’t mean he gets me as a reward.

Being single is actually pretty great, thank you very much.

Not every girl is dying to have a boyfriend. Being single is actually pretty dope, and if I ever start dating, the guy will have to be pretty amazing. Just because I’m alone doesn’t mean I’m looking for male attention, and when I tell a guy I’m single, it’s not an invitation for him to continue chatting me up. I’m happily single and that’s not an attempt to play hard to get. It’s a straight up fact.

Men are not my priority.

There are a lot of things in life that have nothing to do with dating and nothing to do with men. Even when I’m dating someone or interested in doing so, it’s a very minor part of my existence. I’m not defined by my quest for men at any point in my life, and to be honest, it’s not all that interesting to me when I have so many other things to think about. Any guy who thinks girls sit around wondering when they’re going to get asked out is totally out of touch with reality.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not me, it’s you.

Just so we’re clear, no one will ever hear me say “it’s not you, it’s me” if a guy is pursuing me and I’m not into it. I’m not up for grabs, and if a guy doesn’t understand that, the only thing to blame is his inability to understand my clear indications. If he oversteps the social boundaries, that’s entirely the result of his lack of etiquette rather than my style of flirting.

Games are a waste of time so please stop pretending I’m playing.

Acting like I’m not interested in a guy so that he’ll be more interested in me is not a game I enjoy playing. In fact, when it comes to dating, I’m a total straight shooter. I say what I mean and I’m upfront about everything. Any guy who thinks he’s going to get anywhere by just pretending I’m in on his little games is clearly not the kind of guy I’d ever be interested in.

If a guy can’t read my obvious body language, he clearly has a lot to learn about empowered women.

My standards for dating are high and I have no issue with being single. If a guy approaches me and tries to get me into a conversation, I have every right to not be into it. If he offers me a drink and I say, “Nah, thanks,” that’s not an invitation for him to ask again. If he asks me out and I say, “I’m actually really committed to being single right now,” that’s not code for, “I’m lonely, please save me.” In short, if I tell a guy I’m not interested, he should f- off.

Any guy who wants me isn’t going to get me by playing games.

I’m an adult. I’m attracted to men who are also adults, and because of this, I like guys who respect me enough to know that I’m not going to play games to get what I want. Any guy who’s worthy of me will recognize that I’m confident enough to make my intentions known right off the bat and don’t feel the need to play games.

Confidence is sexy, not arrogance.

If I was, in fact, looking to hook up with a guy on a night out or looking for someone to date, I wouldn’t be interested in guys who misread my signals. Guys who assume women play hard to get are arrogant in the extreme. I want a guy with confidence, not a narcissist. If a guy thinks he’s God’s gift to womankind, he can be 100% certain that I will never have any interest in him whatsoever.

I’m not insecure, I’m just not interested.

The fact that I’m sitting here looking disinterested when a guy is trying to chat me up should be a really big clue that I’m just not into it. And yet a lot of guys seem to take this as some universal signal that you’re just shy or insecure about your attractiveness. So once and for all, if I look like I’m not interested, I’m not interested.

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