Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You As More Than A Friend

Has your friendship taken a sudden turn? You get the feeling it’s beginning to blossom into something more, but aren’t entirely sure. Suddenly, things seem a little flirtier and more meaningful than they did before. While he probably won’t come out and say it (at least not now), here are obvious signs this guy likes you and he wants to be more than friends so you can act accordingly.

  1. His texting isn’t “friend-zone” material. When guys text, you can easily gauge where you’re at on the relationship meter. If he mentions obscene topics like how hot a girl he saw at the store was or how he woke up with a nasty hangover from partying all night, it’s safe to say he wants to remain friends. A guy vying for your affection won’t bring up things that put him in a bad light.
  2. His body does the talking. The way a guy sits or shifts in his seat tells a lot about what he’s feeling. The same goes for touching or the amount of eye contact. It goes beyond just being polite if his body language is more of an open one. His arms won’t be crossed, he’ll lean into your words when you speak, and he’ll keep eye contact without wandering. You might even notice he’s nervous: he’ll be quieter, act sweeter, and smile more–all good signs he’s into you as more than a friend.
  3. His focus is on you in group gatherings. When hanging out with other friends or in other group settings, he’ll focus on you more. He’ll be in the conversations you’re participating in and he’ll stay by your side rather than where the action is. Don’t be surprised if he even tries to get your attention. If you’re talking to others, he’ll jump in. He’ll also hone in on your opinions more than others. If he tries to get you away from the group for some one-on-one talk time, he’s definitely into you.
  4. He loves making you laugh. It’s easy for everything to become funnier and cuter and better when it comes from your crush. If you’re his, he’ll do whatever he can to make you laugh and smile. He’ll crack jokes, do sweet things for you, and do what he can to spend time with you. Those days hanging out will probably include a lot more shared laughter and smiles as he’ll make an effort to see you happy.
  5. He values your opinion. Guys don’t often need help when it comes to style or buying habits. Most of the time, they don’t think twice about any of that, they just go with the flow. However, if your guy friend is constantly asking your opinion on things that don’t matter all that much (what he should wear, how he should style his hair, etc), he’s trying to impress you. He also takes your advice seriously and appreciates that he can lean on you when he needs to.
  6. He remembers the small details about you. Someone knowing your favorite color, animal, or restaurant isn’t necessarily what makes or breaks a relationship. Though it’s the small things that matter most. If he can recite and remember those small details, it means he really cares about you. He’s listening and internally taking notes on what you like or what you’ve told him. He’ll even go as far as to ask deeper questions about who you really are.
  7. He lingers. In the early days of your friendship, maybe he would simply end the conversation with a “see you around!” and maybe you’d hear from him a couple of days after. Now, the conversations happen more constantly and his goodbyes aren’t as short. If he gives you a hug before you two depart and he stays with his arms around you longer, it’s safe to assume he’s crushing on you. He’ll also let you know he’ll text or call you later so you know what to expect going forward.
  8. He gets jealous. Try to bring up a topic about another guy and if he likes you, he’ll brush it off and try to change the subject. If you’re at a party and another guy starts talking to you, don’t be surprised if he jumps in on the convo. Showing jealousy is just another indication he’s into you as more than a friend.
  9. His interest is long-term. If he’s into you as more than just a friend, he’ll be making plans. No, not marriage plans! But smaller ones like road trips together or vacations. It’s a serious indication he’s falling hard when things aren’t short-term. He wants to be in your life for a long time and that’s one way for him to let you know. If you’re into him as well, getting away from your usual setting will put both of your feelings on display to test the waters of how you two will be as a potential couple.
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