Old Woman Caught Smearing Human Waste On Children’s Swings In ‘Protest’

An elderly Russian woman was caught on camera smearing what appears to be human waste all over a children’s swing set in what’s being described as a bizarre protest over the playground’s existence. The incident, which took place in the town of Gatchina, has apparently been happening for years and local residents are fed up. I can’t possibly imagine why!

Scroll down to read more and see the video.

  1. The woman apparently wants the swings removed. In the video, a person can be heard off-camera saying “Dear Gatchina residents. Our swings are getting covered with [expletive] again” as the 90-year-old woman continues to pull the brown substance from a plastic bag and wipe it all over the swing seat and chains. What’s her issue? She wants the swings gone so she can have a flower bed there instead.
  2. The police won’t do anything to stop her. Residents claim they’ve alerted police to the woman’s behavior many times over the past several years but they’re always told that it’s not a criminal issue and that social services would need to deal with it. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened.
  3. The woman doesn’t take well to the swings being cleaned. Locals claim that when they try to clean the swings of the disgusting mess she leaves behind, the woman attacks them with a shovel.
  4. She’s even tried to remove the swing herself! The woman is also said to have tried to use her shovel to dig up and remove the swing all on her own but has been unsuccessful. I guess she believes that smearing poo all over it is the next best thing?
  5. Maybe it’s not really human waste. There’s always a chance that the woman has chosen something that looks like poo but really isn’t in order to try to gross locals out and get her own way. Is that insane? Yes, obviously. Is it effective? Not so far, but she seems willing to keep trying!

WARNING: Video contains content some may find disturbing.

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