Only Be With Someone Who Sees Your Worth And Makes You Feel Valuable

You’re one hell of a woman, and you deserve a significant other who sees that. You’re wasting your time if you’re not with someone who truly appreciates you. This is why you shouldn’t settle for anyone less than a partner who recognizes exactly how lucky they’ve gotten with you.

  1. You’ve done so much work on yourself; you deserve the same in a partner. You’ve been through the ringer with difficult relationships. There’s been your fair share of f*ckboys and man-children, but they’ve been left in the past. Not everyone is willing to examine what they could do better in their next relationship, but you’ve done the time in reflection. Self-improvement is your middle name and you’re way better for it. You deserve someone who’s also done this deep emotional digging.
  2. You’ve learned to love yourself, and you don’t expect any less from anyone else. After too long of believing you aren’t good enough, it’s finally clicked that you are a huge catch. You’ve realized how totally lovable you are. Self-love is a daily practice and your lady friends around you reinforce that love. It’s important that any partner you welcome in your life understands that they are to treat you with utter love and respect.
  3. Your partner should treat you like the princess you are. Once you know your worth, no human can take that knowledge from you. It’s yours to hold and to cherish. Now you can demand a lover who sees your value. Be with a person who courts you, lavishes you, and goes out of their way to make you feel important to them. After all, princesses deserve the royal treatment.
  4. You know you have a bunch of other suitors if your partner can’t treat you right. Staying with someone who doesn’t treat you right really isn’t too much of a temptation. You know that there are potential suitors practically lined up around the block to take your lover’s place. There’s no need to waste time with someone who can’t get on your level. In the wise words of our beloved Beyonce, “I could have another you in a minute… matter fact he’ll be here in a minute, baby.”
  5. Your tolerance for BS should be low. There may have been a struggle with self-esteem in the past, but this is no longer an issue. As your awareness of your worth has risen, your tolerance for bullsh*t has lowered. You don’t tolerate games and you certainly don’t tolerate people who are wishy-washy. You know what you deserve and you give the boot to anyone who can’t rise to the occasion.
  6. Your life is complete with or without a partner. Love is a wonderful thing. It brings a ton of delight into your life and keeps you on your toes. You totally welcome and celebrate a great lover. Still, you don’t fall prey to the delusion that you need another human to be okay in your skin. On the contrary, your life is dope whether a partner is in it or not. This freedom gives you the ability to really love another person without trying to own them.
  7. You’re free to ask for what you need. When you’re free from the crippling fear of abandonment, you’re also free to speak up for your needs and wants. They’re important to you and they should be important to your partner. People who are afraid of driving others away don’t ask for what they need. You don’t have this problem because you know you’re worth it, and if your partner’s a good one, they’ll meet your request with respect and gladly stick around.
  8. You get to chill the f*ck out. If the fear of abandonment is drowning out your happiness, it’s really hard to relax into a nice relationship. However, when you’ve made peace with all of the possible outcomes, you really can just lean into the awesomeness that’s unfolding. Once you’ve recognized your worth, you and your partner can both chill out and just enjoy each other’s company.
  9. You both decide that the relationship is worth the effort. Sure, you get to chill out more than you have in the past, but a relationship still takes work. The cool thing about dating someone who knows your worth is that they’re willing to stick around for the good and the bad. They know that even the best relationships aren’t a walk in the park, but that you’re someone worth fighting for.
  10. Your partner won’t run when your flaws come out to play. Even though you’re wonderful, you’re not perfect. You’re a human with flaws and who inevitably makes a muck of things sometimes. At the end of the day, you know in your heart of hearts that your mistakes don’t change how totally worthwhile you are. Your partner should also know that despite your imperfections, you’re still a catch. They won’t run for the hills when your human messiness spills into the relationship. You’ll hold space for each other’s flaws.
  11. You both know you hit the jackpot. This isn’t all about you, right? If you’re in a relationship, it’s two people working together. Just as you expect your partner to believe that they really hit the jackpot, you should also believe this about them. The relationship should be balanced and filled with adoration. After all, what’s better than two people feeling like they’ve totally struck gold in the relationship department?
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