Woman Marries Duvet And Calls It The ‘Most Intimate’ Relationship She’s Ever Had

Woman Marries Duvet And Calls It The ‘Most Intimate’ Relationship She’s Ever Had ITV

There’s nothing like a warm, cozy comforter on a cold winter’s day to make you feel all nice and toasty inside. And while most people love luxurious bedding, one woman has taken it to the extreme. Pascale Sellick married her favorite duvet on Valentine’s Day and says it’s the “most intimate” relationship she’s ever been in. Go figure!

Sellick headed to ITV’s “This Morning” to discuss her nuptials to the single duvet and recalled the romantic ceremony she had in Exeter this past year. She told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that while she’s loved other blankets before, none compared to her current spouse.

“I have [had] other duvets before but I’m always loyal to this one, it gives me warmth and comfort,” Pascale Sellick gushed. “It’s always there for me in times of sadness and happiness.”

Pascale Sellick has a real boyfriend too

While it’s not every day that a woman marries a duvet, Sellick insisted that her relationship with the bedding item isn’t sexual and that she and the duvet are more like very good friends. In fact, she has a real-life, human boyfriend who seems happy to share her with the blanket.

“Jonny, my boyfriend, understands I’m marrying the duvet for art and to come across a message, we have a really loving relationship,” she explained. “He’s not jealous of my duvet, in fact, he’s very proud of me. My duvet is a single at the moment, when I get married, it will get a double.”

Sellick revealed that her duvet wedding was part of an art project to shed light on the problem of loneliness, saying: “It’s kind of a message around Valentine’s people can feel sometimes a little bit lonely. So it’s like actually, you know what, take some time for self-worth, self-care and have some time under your duvet and marry your bedding. Why not? Everybody loves their duvet!”

She’s right about that!

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