The Perils Of Loving Sex But Being A Hopeless Romantic At The Same Time

The Perils Of Loving Sex But Being A Hopeless Romantic At The Same Time ©iStock/svetikd

Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing a good orgasm can’t fix, right? However, when you’re a woman who loves sex but still really believes in romance and wants to be swept off her feet, sometimes the struggle is way too real.

  1. It seems like you can never get exactly what you want. One minute you’re just looking for a quick yet satisfying hook-up, and the next you’ve got your eyes set on a guy who might be “The One.” Bouncing between these two emotional states can be frustrating, and there’s no telling where the day, or the next romp between the sheets, will take you.
  2. You often think, “Is this why I’m single?” If you’ve yet to land that special guy but are sure you’re ready to find Mr. Right, you will start to doubt yourself from time to time. No, you’re not still single just because you like to have a lot of sex — you’re single because you haven’t yet met the person worthy of everything you’ve got to offer.
  3. Guys might not actually think you want a “real” relationship. Your relationship is however “real” you and your partner choose to make it. Wishing the guy you’re sleeping with would want more and commit to being exclusive, but he hasn’t? Then don’t put up with him. Move on. Every time a guy doesn’t see you for how truly special you are, it’s on to the next one.
  4. You want to be romanced, but won’t hold out for it before jumping in bed. There’s no point in waiting around for wedding bells here. Sex is a natural part of human existence, and if you’ve got the urge to get busy with someone who’s not yet fully committed, well then by all means, have at it. It’s your life, and you can bang when you want to.
  5. Your hopes for romance might be discredited if you’re interested in more than one guy. Just because you’re keeping your options open and playing the field a bit doesn’t mean you’re not actually looking for a committed relationship at some point down the road. If you’re a person who wants to see the best in others and take the time to invest in getting to know a guy, then that should actually say way more than simply settling for just one person if you’re not totally sure.  
  6. You get giddy, and sometimes disappointed, at the prospect of someone you’ve just slept with. During those times that sleeping with a guy does stir up some sort of emotional connection, you’re inclined to follow that intuition. You don’t want to fight the feeling, you want to go with it, and that’s OK. If he is indeed the right guy for you, then he’ll return the sentiment if, and when, you decide to broach the subject and tell him how you really feel.
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