PSA: Pillsbury Cookie Dough Can Now Safely Be Eaten Raw

Remember the days when people were afraid of getting food poisoning from eating raw cookie dough? While I don’t think that ever actually happened to anyone, we all still believed it might (and ate the dough anyway). Well, now Pillsbury has come out with pre-made cookie dough that’s legit kosher to eat right from the package if you can’t be bothered to turn the oven on and bake it. Best news ever!

  1. Don’t worry, there’s no chance of getting sick. According to Instagrammer @candyhunting, who posted a photo of Pillsbury’s new cookie dough packages, the dough is safe to eat because the company uses “heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs to kill off possible food borne pathogens.” That applies not only to the chocolate chip dough shown in the photo but EVERY flavor Pillsbury releases. Sweet!
  2. The brownie dough will be safe to eat too. Delish confirmed with Pillsbury that not only will all of their cookie doughs be safe to eat raw by summer 2020 but the same will apply to all of their refrigerated brownie dough too. The news keeps getting better and better!
  3. This adjustment won’t change the taste. While Pillsbury is changing the process for putting together its cookie dough, that doesn’t mean the taste will change. The dough and the cookies it makes will still taste exactly the same as it always has—you won’t notice a difference at all, which is pretty comforting to know.
  4. Make sure you’re still checking the packages before eating raw. I mean, I say that because that’s what Pillsbury would say since technically, there is still a small chance of food-borne pathogens when eating uncooked food products. While soon all of Pillsbury’s cookie and brownie doughs will be 100% safe to eat raw, these things take a bit of time to roll out across all stores, so make sure you’re getting one of the specially marked packages before digging in. Or you could just take your chances if you like living on the edge!
  5. This is the best snack ever. I feel like I might like cookie dough more than I like baked cookies, so knowing Pillsbury is catering their snacks more and more to people like me is pretty great. This is one small bright spot in the midst of all the madness happening right now!
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