Pillsbury Is Selling Massive Buckets Of Edible Cookie Dough So You Never Have To Get Off The Couch

Pillsbury Is Selling Massive Buckets Of Edible Cookie Dough So You Never Have To Get Off The Couch Pillsbury

One thing I love about Pillsbury — you know, besides their deliciously decadent desserts — is the fact that they respect that many of us just want to eat the dough. They’ve released a whole range of cookie and brownie doughs that are safe to eat right out of the package, but the problem is that those packages just weren’t big enough. Thankfully, they’ve now realized their error and released giant cookie dough buckets so you never have to get up from the couch.

  1. There are 76 portions in this tub. Let that sink in: 76. Of course, I suppose that all depends how you define “portion.” In my book, it’s probably about half that, but still, that’s a serious amount of cookie dough that Pillsbury has managed to pack into these edible buckets and I’m already a fan.
  2. Instagrammer @candyhunting first spotted the product. Where, you might ask? On the Sam’s Club website, of course. It makes sense that a bucket full of cookie dough would be available at bulk retailers, but I hope that doesn’t mean those are the only places so that people who didn’t have one nearby don’t miss out. However, at the moment, Sam’s Club is definitely your best bet to find it. And just for reference, you’ll pay around $8 for your giant cookie dough bucket!
  3. If you actually do bake these, that’s a lot of cookies! I feel like I could eat way more cookie dough than I could eat cookies, so maybe it would be better to actually bake these and then slowly work my way through 72 chocolate chip cookies? Otherwise, things could get a bit dangerous and they might never go in the oven at all.
  4. If this is a little too much dough for you, there are always the smaller packages. Don’t forget that the seasonal flavors like pumpkin cream cheese and salted caramel apple are also heading back to shelves, so you have plenty to choose from! For the rest of us, Pillsbury has the edible cookie dough buckets.
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