Is He Finally Ready To Commit? 10 Signs He’s Done Messing Around

When you’ve been with your boyfriend for a while and you’re ready to proceed with the next step, whether it’s buying your first house together or getting engaged, you just know. It feels right. However, you can’t be sure that he’s on the same page unless you’ve noticed these 10 tell-tale signs.

  1. He talks about the future all the time. Whether it’s what kind of dog you’re going to get or where you’re going on vacation next, there’s always a mention of you in his immediate future. Frankly, it feels really good that he wants to include you in upcoming plans. After all, you can’t imagine your life without him and you want him to feel the same.
  2. He’s always making plans with you. He’s always arranging things with you, from fun road trips to unique date nights. Gone are the days where you have to beg a boyfriend to surprise you or do his fair share of the planning because this guy has a ton of initiative and always likes to take the lead. He loves you and he wants to show it.
  3. He loves staying in with you just as much as he loves going out. A guy who’s building a future with you really enjoys staying in with you (perhaps in the home that you’ve created together) just as much as he likes being out on the town with his buddies or his family. It shows that he doesn’t need to have any crazy plans in place with you to have a good time. In fact, he’s comfortable hanging out at home with takeout food, Netflix, and just the two of you—and he’s completely content in your company.
  4. He prioritizes youIf your BF wants to make you his wifey or mortgage sharer someday soon then he’ll put you first in all aspects of his life. From deciding what to eat for dinner to opting for date night over a drinking session with his friends, you’ll always feel like number one. He’ll also be your biggest champion, want you to be the first person that he tells any news to, and have your back with every situation—even when no one else does.
  5. He’s happy to spend time with your loved ones. A guy who’s ready to commit is only too happy to spend time with your family and friends for birthdays, Christmas, a Saturday night, you name it. In fact, he’ll actively involve himself because he knows that he’s going to be spending a lot of time with these people in the years to come. He wants to make your loved ones, his loved ones and vice versa.
  6. He squashes arguments with you quickly. Another sign that your boyfriend is ready to commit is if he hates arguing with you just as much as you hate arguing with him. Sure, it happens occasionally like it does with every couple. But when it happens with you guys, it gets squashed quickly. He doesn’t want to upset you and will do what it takes to be OK again because that’s just how much he treasures the relationship. It’s next-level.
  7. Your sex life is amazing. Likewise, if your relationship trumps any other relationship that you’ve both had (by a mile), you’ll have an amazing sex life. Even if you don’t have sex as much as you used to at the beginning, every time you do, it will be incredible. He’s willing to go above and beyond to satisfy you and you guys have an unparalleled connection both emotionally and physically.
  8. He joins in with card-writing and gift-giving. You know your relationship is getting more serious when your boyfriend is happy to join in with card-writing and gift-giving for special occasions, like weddings, birthdays, and Christmas. No longer are these gestures “from you,” they have to be “from you and him” because he won’t have it any other way.
  9. He’s told you that he’s ready to commit. Finally, perhaps you don’t have to try and gauge whether your boyfriend is ready to commit because he’s pretty much told you that he’s ready. Maybe you guys joke about engagement all the time or you’ve started looking for apartments. Perhaps there’s just been some hinting and you haven’t had the conversation yet. Either way, it looks like you’re both finally on the same page, and doesn’t it feel glorious?
Katie Davies is a British freelance writer who has built a career creating lifestyle content that caters to the modern woman. When she's not sipping tea, shopping, or exploring a new city, you'll probably find her blogging about her fashion and travel adventures at