Real Qualities That Make Someone Boyfriend Material

If you were going to create your ideal man out of thin air, he’d be a mixture of awesome qualities and probably external goodness as well. But some of those things are less important than other, when you really get down to it. Here are the real qualities that make someone boyfriend material – especially when it comes to a relationship that will last.

He’s got ambition.

A boyfriend should not only pull his own weight in the relationship, but have goals and a purpose in his own life, as well. There’s nothing sexier than a man that’s going places.

He entertains you.

Whether he’s got a great sense of humor or you just think his hobbies are interesting, he’s not boring you when you hang out.

He’s unwaveringly loyal.

He is not boyfriend material if he’s still trying to be a player, even if it’s just the player attitude he’s trying to project. He’s just not.

He’s observant.

He might not know what exactly you did differently to your hair, but he sure does notice when it looks great.

He’s incredibly self-aware.

A great boyfriend isn’t going to be perfect, but he is going to know what he can work on and why. And then he’ll actually work on it.

He gives you space.

A good boyfriend loves to hang out with you, but he also has his own things to do and assumes you do, too. He’s not trying to meld the two of you into one, and he’s not emotionally manipulative about the time you spend apart.

He’s got his act together.

A great boyfriend isn’t going to be trying to fill an emotional void by having you around, and he isn’t battling addictions that always come first.

He knows how to compromise.

Without compromise, one person is always running the show. He’s willing to listen, be fair, and meet in the middle when it makes sense to.

He’s consistent.

A good boyfriend isn’t hot one day and cool the next; he’s consistent with his feelings toward you so you know he’s not about to bolt at any given moment.

He lights you up inside.

He doesn’t have to be an underwear model, or the most stylish guy on town, but he should make you feel different than other guys do.

He advises without force.

A good boyfriend will have suggestions for how you could do certain things better, but he wont try and force or bully you into doing anything that you don’t want to do.

He has principles.

This guy knows what he considers right and wrong and doesn’t waver when he’s exposed to other people’s ideas on the matter.

He turns you on.

If he doesn’t make your body feel a little weird inside/star in your fantasies, then what separates him from your platonic male friends?

He wants you to succeed.

A good boyfriend isn’t looking for a woman to play a role in his play, he wants you to be happy in your own life as well as the one you share with him.

He makes time for you.

He doesn’t necessarily spend all his time with you, but when he does, it’s as much on your schedule as his schedule. He’ll move some things around to make sure you don’t miss your dinner date this week.

He’s devoted.

You do not want to waste your time with another dude who can do with or without you. If you’re going to couple up, he’d better be super enthusiastic about all things you.

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