Why Rushing Your Relationships Is Ruining Your Long Term Prospects

Why Rushing Your Relationships Is Ruining Your Long Term Prospects ©iStock/rez-art

Some relationships can take us completely by surprise. The initial shock and lust factor we feel about another human so quickly can negate logic in even the most rational of people. Before you know it, you’re spending every moment you can together and even though it hasn’t been long, you reach stages of a relationship that normally wouldn’t be reached so quickly. It’s great and all when we have this sudden surge in emotions that cause us such urgency to devote our sole energies into the budding romances we favor, but rushing into things can be a bad idea for many reasons. Here’s why rushing into relationships is tainting your long term potential.

  1. It sets a low standard. When you’re accelerating the process of actual dates to Netflix and chill at a rapid speed, it sends the message that it requires little to no effort to be with you. We live in a modern dating culture that longs for certain old school courtship traditions that have zero chance of resurfacing with this hurried momentum. You’re a prize, right? So Netflix and chill with yourself in between proper dates for the first few weeks, at least.
  2. It kills the romance quickly. The beginning part of dating is the absolute best. You have those butterfly feelings and passionate kisses in the back row of the movie theater, followed by dinners flowing with laughter and conversation. When you part ways after your dates and allow distance between them, it builds the attraction and keeps things hot longer. Otherwise be prepared to get too comfortable real quick; and we hate to break it to you, but this includes the introduction of farts in front of each other. How romantic.
  3. It takes away from your regular routine. You have a life of your own and you should absolutely continue to live it no matter what man walks into your world. Men like a woman who is a bit of a challenge to get time with. Work is one thing, we all have jobs and we’re all busy with careers, but outside of that you should be continuing your hobbies and interests and spending time with your friends. Don’t be so available.
  4. You don’t need a guy, so don’t act like you do. When you are so constantly hanging out with the new guy in your life, it makes it seem as though you can’t be alone; but you can, so be alone for a few days in between seeing each other.
  5. Red flags and deal breakers get overlooked. When you’re heavy into someone so quickly, feeling high as hell off that beautiful lust factor, you can overlook otherwise obvious red flags that will eventually bother you later down the road, but you were too sedated in the haze to stop to acknowledge it. We’ve all had those relationship experiences where the warning signs were there all along, but we danced over it in favor of what we were feeling. When you take things slower, these things will stand out more to you.
  6. You become an old married couple real quick. Not only does it kill that initial romantic euphoria quickly, but you’ll also get to that stage of bickering and nattering at each other sooner than you need to. Being an old married couple isn’t all that bad, but try to build a solid foundation of longing for each other before you start fighting over whose turn it is to load the dishwasher.
  7. There’s no need to rush if it’s meant to be. It might be older than dirt cliche logic, but things that are meant to happen will happen so limiting your time in the beginning shouldn’t make a difference. Under that logic, sure, if you rushed things it wouldn’t matter either- but here’s the thing… why would you want to rush through something that feels so great now? It’s like beer bonging a bottle of perfectly aged Dom Perignon. It’s insane. You sip it slowly, and enjoy every drop.