The Most Satisfying Drinks You Have As A Single Woman

There’s nothing like the moment you sit down and dive into your cocktail of choice. While we all enjoy the occasional drink, some are just more satisfying than others.

The pre-game first date drink.

That pre-date drink you have to loosen up a bit is completely euphoric. You’ve got your music on and the possibilities for the night are endless! It doesn’t even matter that you’ve been standing in front of your closet for half an hour in your underwear and still aren’t dressed to go — you’ve got a beverage in hand and that’s all that matters.

The actual first date drink.

There’s nothing like ending those jitters and dodging those awkward conversation starters while you get to know someone new by ordering your first cocktail as you browse appetizers. You’ll have your dirty martini to help you along.

The post-date drink.

Because even if the date ends horribly, or goes swimmingly well, your post-date cocktail never lets you down. It’s there for comfort or celebration, every time.

The “I’m not pregnant!” drink.

 This is the drink you have when you’re celebrating the fact that your friend has a bundle of joy on the way. Even though she can’t celebrate with you, you can still raise your wine glass to her. Here’s to the nine months that I’ll still be able to drink! Oh, and the baby, too.

The “all the single ladies” drink.

For those times you’re with your fellow single girls and you’re either out on the town or having a wine night in. Once the Queen B and her fierce lyrics break out, anywhere becomes a dance floor and the drink in your hand becomes the flag that you wave as you celebrate your victory of being single and amazing.

The “I’ve still got it” drink.

This is the drink that happens when you’re out just minding your own business when the handsome guy across the bar asks to buy you a drink or sends one over. You feel zero guilt about accepting because you’re completely free and available and you’ve clearly still got that magic going on. It tastes like satisfaction in a glass.

The Netflix and no chill drink.

The single girl Netflix drink is like the beacon of all drinks, because you can enjoy every last drop without someone trying to get into your pants in the process. Ah, tastes delicious!

The “no judgement” drink.

Because sometimes you just need to spike your coffee with some Bailey’s or pour yourself something really stiff before noon. With no one is around to judge you for it, it’s pure bliss.

The Facebook engagement announcement drink.

By now, you’ve seen about a hundred of these, and you seriously need a drink every time. You’ll just pretend you’re celebrating the announcement. Yea, that’s totally what it is [insert eye roll].

The “he was a waste of time” drink.

The drink you have after you’ve had a douchebag experience is not as bad as people think. It’s actually a completely liberating feeling. Sure, stuff didn’t work out, but this vodka works and usually it comes with amazing girlfriends to help you drink it all down and wash the idiot away.

The “I’m fabulous anyway” drink.

 Because even if you’re still single, screw it — you’re amazing anyway. Until you find someone equally amazing who will routinely enjoy those end-of-the-day and celebratory drinks with you, you can enjoy every last drop in every single shining moment of your life completely on your own.

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