10 Signs He’s Not Interested Anymore & It’s Time To Move On

Your heart is telling you he loves you but your brain isn’t on the same page. Which one should you listen to? Unfortunately, your heart makes emotional decisions that aren’t always fact-based and can force you to miss out on obvious signs regarding whether or not he’s really interested. If any of these 10 things sound familiar, it’s time to move on.

He Stops Asking About Your Life. He used to be interested in your life but not anymore. In fact, you can’t remember the last time he asked about your day. In the beginning, he wanted to know everything, but lately, it’s like a switch has flipped and he couldn’t be less interested in what annoying thing your co-worker said.

He Doesn’t Want You Near His Family. There was a time when he’d ask you to dinner with his family or invite you out with his co-workers. These days, he doesn’t want you anywhere near his mom and dad and he doesn’t want to be near yours either. He keeps his distance because he’s trying to make the relationship feel less serious.

He’s Very Active On Social Media. Most guys don’t have the gull to say they’re not interested in you anymore, which is why you have to watch their behavior. More specifically, how they act on social media. Is he suddenly posting more pictures of himself shirtless? Does he “like” pretty much every bikini photo that shows up on his feed? It sounds like he’s on the prowl for some new-new.

He Keeps You At A Distance. What did he do last weekend? You have no idea, do you? You used to be involved in his life, but now, he’s secretive. He doesn’t tell you where he’s going or who he’s meeting up with. That’s a pretty clear sign he’s no longer interested in you. If he was, you’d know about his dinner plans.

He Doesn’t Try To Help You. A lot of men like to take on the role of “the protector.” They usually want to be there in a crisis. But he’s never there when you’re going through something serious. If he sees you’re upset, he ignores it. He doesn’t try to make you feel better or more secure about the relationship. He leaves you unhappy and that’s because he doesn’t really care.

He Puts In Less Work. Most of your relationship seems one-sided. You’re the one asking him to hang out and constantly trying to get him to open up. He doesn’t do anything anymore. That’s a pretty clear sign he’s no longer invested. If he really liked you, he’d put in the work. He’d be calling you, asking you out, and making you feel wanted.

He’s Always Out Of Reach. His life has all of a sudden become chaotic. Not only is he too busy to answer your texts, but he’s too busy to see you. That’s weird, especially considering nothing in his life has changed. He didn’t get a new job or discover a new hobby, so why is he all of a sudden too busy to meet up? Probably because he’s not interested anymore.

He Doesn’t Express Any Emotions. It’s not just about actions. If someone was interested, they’d express it with their words. But he’s being ambiguous about his feelings. He doesn’t say whether he likes you or doesn’t like you. He keeps his emotions a secret. Even when you ask, he avoids answering because he doesn’t want to lie. He’s also not ready to tell you the truth.

He Only Sees You In Group Settings. You have a ton of mutual friends, so it makes sense that you would hang out in groups. But that doesn’t mean you should only see him when you’re with friends. Especially considering you two used to hang out all the time. But now, his schedule is too busy to accommodate solo outings with you. Interesting.

He Doesn’t Enjoy Being With You. If he was interested, his face would light up when he saw you. Unfortunately, he seems agitated when you’re next to him — even in a group setting. He talks to everyone, literally everyone, besides you. At first you thought it was nerves, but it’s a little more than that. He seems genuinely uncomfortable being near you and that probably means he’s not interested. I know you don’t want to, but it’s time to move on before you waste any more of your precious time.

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