9 Signs You’re Settling For A Guy Who’s All Wrong For You

All relationships go through ups and downs, and the excitement and passion of the honeymoon period eventually fade into something more comfortable and regular for most couples. But is that the case for you or are you settling for a guy who’s all wrong for you? Here’s how you know.

  1. You never disagree with him. The idea that communication is pivotal to a healthy relationship is hardly a new one but it is extremely true. You need to express your wants, needs, thoughts, and feelings; sometimes you’ll even need to argue it out. If you never disagree with your partner, it could indicate that you’ve more or less accepted your fate of being overpowered in the relationship and you think speaking up isn’t worth it. Not a good sign.
  2. You spend more time with your friends than him. If you’re in a healthy relationship, you find a balance between spending time with your guy while still making your friends a priority. If you find yourself spending the majority of time out with your girls, reliving your single days and avoiding one-on-one time with your guy, do you really want to be with him?
  3. You’re apathetic about your future. Breakups are notorious for sucking. They’re incredibly painful experiences that most of us would rather not go through. However, when you’re settling in a relationship, you kinda don’t care about what happens. If you’ve been with your guy for a while now and have decided you wouldn’t mind breaking up, you should really reevaluate your relationship. There’s no reason to stay in a relationship like this!
  4. You consider cheating on him or already have. Cheating on your partner is never a great sign of a committed, long-lasting relationship. Why did you cheat? Even if you haven’t cheated, why do you keep thinking about it? Is it because you desperately want out of your relationship? Is it because you’re settling for someone you know you shouldn’t be?
  5. He kinda bores you. It’s pretty shocking how many women stay in relationships with total bores. Listen, your boyfriend doesn’t have to be all that interesting to anyone else, but he should at least be interesting to you. After all, you chose to date him, right? If someone isn’t right for you, they’re not right for you. There’s really no need to keep torturing yourself.
  6. You’re jealous of your friends’ relationships. Thinking every relationship around you is perfect and not understanding why yours isn’t is a serious red flag. Most likely, this is more about outlook or attitude than anything else. Your friends may appear to have amazing relationships but that probably just means they’re happy with the person they’re with. No relationship is perfect but they’ve accepted theirs to be as close as it gets. If yours seriously pales in comparison (not that you should be comparing), maybe it’s because you’re not with the right person.
  7. You fantasize about meeting someone new. Are you constantly daydreaming about meeting Prince Charming? Maybe every guy you meet becomes part of your fantasy, including the cute guy at the pharmacy or the vaguely attractive guy at your work that you’ve never even talked to. If you’re always thinking how great it would be to be with someone else, maybe you should do that.
  8. The relationship has reached a stalemate. If you’ve been dating your guy for years now and there hasn’t been any forward progress, you need to consider why that is. Some women are fine with being in long-term relationships without any promise of a ring and hey, that’s great. But if your relationship has become more platonic than romantic and if you can’t really picture a future, I don’t think I need to tell you that you’re settling.
  9. He just doesn’t do it for you anymore. I’m not talking about feeling butterflies every day all day. It’s normal for a relationship to change over time, but your guy should still be able to get you going. Consider spicing things up before you call it quits. If this doesn’t work, well, it might just mean he doesn’t do it for you anymore.
is a freelance lifestyle and relationship writer. She is an advocate for the childfree lifestyle and blogs about this decision on therinkydinklife.com. Brittany enjoys traveling with her husband, binge-watching Netflix, and is a little too obsessed with her two Boston Terriers.