Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame: How You Know They’re Your Soulmate

You feel it all the way down to your bones. There’s just something about this person you’ve met that has you thinking, “I’ve known this person my whole life.” You’re pretty sure they’re your soulmate, but there’s something even deeper there too. Here are some signs you’ve met your twin flame and what that entails.

There’s an instant, intense attraction. But it goes deeper than appearances. (And remember, not all twin flames are romantic; some are simply platonic.) It’s as if an invisible rope ties you to them, bringing you both closer to one another. That bond is instant, even if you’ve only spoken a few words to one another. They feel familiar, comparable to feeling like home.

You experience a strong emotional response. Your feelings, both good and bad, are intense. There’s a heightened sense of awareness when you’re around them. Because you two connect on a deeper level, everything is amplified. As with an instant attraction, one of the biggest signs you’ve met your twin flame is that you may also feel a strong sense of yearning.

It’s an on-again, off-again relationship. This could go for romantic involvement or platonic friendship. Either way, you’re bound to notice a lot of similarities between both of you. This can cause a lot of disagreements. Mix that with the intense emotions and you’ll find yourself in a rollercoaster relationship. No matter how many times you two separate, something brings you back together. Sometimes it’s not immediate either. It could take days, weeks, months, even years to reconnect—but when you do, it’s like no time has passed.

They reflect your insecurities and doubts. Your twin flame, also known as your “mirror soul,” is there to help you on a divine journey. It may not feel like it, especially when everything is intense and familiar, but they display shared insecurities and doubts. That’s why the relationship can be very up and down. Their flaws and shortcomings are your own. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but they’re there to shine a light on how to improve yourself.

You want to be a better person because of them. Because they reflect your own insecurities and doubts, they’ll probably inspire you to be better. You see all the ways those shortcomings affect their life that you don’t want to repeat the same pattern. It’s easy to evolve when you’re an outsider looking in. The relationship will also tap into your potential. They’ll inspire you to push past whatever is holding you back.

Your life changes. It seems impossible to believe that one person can shift so much in your life, but it happens. You may even get a sudden feeling that it’s going to happen, you just don’t know when, how, or why. Like we discussed previously, you cross paths with a twin flame for a specific reason. Most of it is to reveal your own insecurities, but not all of it is bad news. With all the information being revealed, it’s the key to self-improvement in the most divine form. So, when your twin flame enters your life, go with the flow. Chances are, your life will change for the better!

You share a lot (if not all) of the same hobbies. It’s uncanny the similarities between twin flames. Not only do you connect on a deeper level, but the surface level things will also bear similarities. No matter your hobbies, even if they’re eccentric, it’s highly likely your twin flame will be into them too. However, this doesn’t only include loving pottery or rereading the same kinds of books over and over. You may also find the values amongst you two are shared as well. Maybe honesty is vital. Or maybe it’s staying true to yourself.

Your communication is effortless. Thanks to all these shared similarities, you’ll find communication with your twin flame easy. Words flow, thoughts are well-developed, and there’s no miscommunication or confusion anywhere. Even on an off day you’ll find conversations just flow naturally. And the best part? Active listening. You both are attentive to the other’s feelings, therefore always listening and ready to tackle each other’s problems.

You can be yourself around them. With your twin flame, there are no expectations. They don’t expect you to be a certain way around them. They accept you for who you are. You’ll feel inspired to be nothing but authentic towards them. That level of comfort will bring you out of your shell. It’s just another way your twin flame brightens your life while allowing you to blossom.

You experience synchronicity. Some days, when you’re talking with your twin flame, you’ll notice a lot of comparisons. Let’s say you were feeling sad earlier in the day. Most likely, it’ll turn out that your twin flame felt the same; maybe for the same reason or another. Situations like this happen whether you two are together or apart.

The signs you’ve met your twin flame and connect on a much deeper level aren’t always immediately obvious, but pay close attention and you just might be pleasantly surprised.

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