This Statue Of Skeletons Taking A Selfie Is Halloween Decor Done Right

Halloween is less than three months away, which means you have less than three months to get prepared. You need to stock up on candy, figure out your costume, and grab some amazing decorations to really get the spooky spirit going. I can’t help with the first two, but the latter is covered with this statue of skeletons taking a selfie from Michaels.

  1. Skeletons taking a selfie? Ridiculous! And that’s why it works so well. I’m not sure who designed this classy piece of art but I’m sure glad they did. Everyone loves taking selfies and everyone who loves Halloween loves skeletons. Putting the two together is the least obvious but most enjoyable combination ever.
  2. This isn’t even a Halloween decoration to me. I mean, it clearly is, but this is something that’s so random and bizarre that I’d likely keep it out on my mantelpiece (if… I had one—a shelf would do just fine too) all year ’round. And yes, I’d even include Christmas in that. Maybe they’ll bring out ones in Santa hats by then and we can double up!
  3. It’s a great conversation piece. Literally anyone who sees this when they come to your house will bring it up, no doubt about it. You can’t see a statue of two skeletons embracing and taking a selfie without being like, “Wait, what is THAT?” In fact, this thing will likely be the star of the show and the centerpiece at any party. It’s just that good.
  4. There’s a yoga skeleton too! If you aren’t that fond of the selfie idea but love skeletons (or you just want as many ridiculous decorations as you can get), Michaels also has a yoga skeleton statue that’s equally amazing.
  5. It’s big but not TOO big. This isn’t some mini figurine. The actual measurements of the skeleton selfie statue is 8.5″ x 3.5″ x 9″, so it stands at a respectable height without getting ridiculous. (I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous, but that’s what makes it so wonderful.)
  6. It’s probably going to sell out, so I’d get it quickly. Something so unique and so fun is guaranteed to be popular, especially since everyone loves Michaels anyway. I’d grab one while you can. You can buy the skeleton selfie statue on the Michaels website HERE.
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