Stop Being A People Pleaser And You’ll Start Repelling These 9 Types of Guys

From taking back a cheater to dating someone who’s toxic, we’ve all been a pushover in a relationship at one time or another. That being said, if you’re someone who regularly validates the bad behavior of an S.O. and then you wonder why your relationships never work out, it’s time to stop. As a result, you’ll forever be free of the following types of guys.

The cheater

The cheater will be the first guy to jump ship if you refuse to put up with their constant lying and betrayals of trust. After all, this kind of guy wants to be with someone who they know will never leave them, regardless of how they act and what they do after a few drinks with the lads. They want to have their cake and eat it too and know that they can get away with anything. However, if you refuse to let them, it’ll be bye-bye, bad boy—and hello to a happier you.

The liar

Cheaters and liars go in hand because they both get a thrill out of hiding the truth from their other halves. Whether it’s pretending that he’s working late when he’s really partying with his friends or telling you that he’s 28 instead of 25, these types of guys will never stop lying once they’ve started. This is why it’s important to call them out as soon as it happens. If they refuse to change and run a mile, good riddance.

The one who never texts back

By refusing to be a pushover, you’ll also make the guy who is sucky at communicating when he’s not with you sit up and take notice. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a couple of texts back when you’re apart so you feel reassured that he’s thinking about you just as much as you’re thinking about him. If he can’t give you that and it’s something that you need to feel secure in the relationship, call him out. If he won’t compromise and wants out, then so be it.

The flaky guy

Sometimes there’s nothing worse than meeting a guy you really like but it’s almost impossible to keep seeing him because of his inability to hold down a date. He makes plans just as quick as he bails on them and continues to get your hopes up only for them to come crashing down—and it’s not cool. Nip that BS in the bud, pronto.

The one who blows hot and cold

Don’t be a pushover with the guy who blows hot and cold either. You know the type—he acts like you’re the only person in the world one minute and then it’s almost like he doesn’t even know you the next. He promises you the world but then never follows through. He picks you up and drops you at a moment’s notice, and because of these reasons, you’re constantly left scratching your head wondering where you stand and if he really cares about you at all. When you tell him that his behavior is not acceptable, he might not like being called out and decide to disappear, but that’s completely his loss.

The guy who’s emotionally unavailable

The emotionally available guy is similar to the one who blows hot and cold in a sense, apart from they’re constantly cold. They never seem like they care about you more than a quick hookup or a boozy make-out session on a night out—or if they do, they certainly don’t show it. Trying to get him to confess that he likes you is as challenging as trying to get a pig to fly and it makes you feel like you’re in a one-sided relationship as a result. Say no to being a pushover with this human-robot and yes to being with someone who will fulfill all your emotional needs. You’ve got this.

The one who doesn’t fulfill your physical needs

In addition to the boyfriend who doesn’t nurture your emotional needs, there’s always that one guy who doesn’t fulfill your physical needs, i.e. the one who’s selfish in bed. Some pushovers might make the best of a bad situation and try to work with what they’ve got (or just accept that they’re never going to get the attention that they deserve in the bedroom), but non-pushovers won’t stand for this. They’ll demand more of a 50/50, give-and-take physical relationship even if it causes the guy to run the other way. Good on you, girls.

The commitment-phobe

Whether he’s promised you that he’ll make you his girlfriend eventually or has flat-out refused to ever be in a relationship with you, you just don’t deserve that. You deserve a guy who’s completely on the same page as you and feels proud to be with you. If it’s obvious that there’s no wiggle room available, it’s time to stand up for what you believe in even if it results in the demise of your “almost” relationship.

The zombie

Finally, ladies who won’t take any BS certainly wouldn’t put up with any zombie behavior. You know, the types of guys who hook you in and start building a relationship with you, only to ghost you for months and then suddenly re-enter your life as if no time has passed? We’ve all had one before and they’re not appreciated in any way, shape, or form. Call him out and tell him that what he’s doing isn’t cool, then watch as he disappears into the shadows once again. Even though it’s difficult to have the courage to stand up for yourself sometimes, the right guy who values you as a potential life partner and human being won’t be deterred by your no-BS attitude. In fact, it will only attract them to you even more.

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