Stop Telling Me I’m “Moving Too Fast” In My Relationship — I Know What I’m Doing

I always imagined that when I finally found the right guy for me, things would happen harmoniously and at a slow and steady pace, but my boyfriend caught me totally by surprise. We fell in love quickly and even though we haven’t been together long, we’re making big plans for our future — our forever future. Some people might call it crazy or say that we’re moving too fast, but I don’t feel that way at all.

  1. I spent a long time on my own before him — I know what I want. Before I met my boyfriend, I spent years on my own navigating the sh*tshow that is modern dating culture. In that time, I figured out not only who I truly am but also the exact qualities that I want in my forever guy. When that guy finally showed up, my heart knew it almost instantly and I won’t let any more time go to waste treading lightly when I know that this is what I’ve been waiting for.
  2. We’re both grown-ups who are on the same page. Some people may think that I’m jumping the gun or getting too far ahead of myself but that’s simply not the case. I’m a grown woman, not a high school daydreamer, and I wouldn’t be anticipating and planning ahead if my guy wasn’t on the same page as I am. Our plans for the future are OURS, which means he’s very much involved and excited about it as I am.
  3. Every relationship is different. Some relationships progress at turtle speed and some strike like a bolt of lightning — my relationship is the latter. We’re both adults that have been on our own independently for a long time and have we have our sh*t together in life. The fact that we’ve now find the exact love we’re been hoping for is just our first step in the journey of our future together. There’s nothing complicated standing in our way.
  4. The old saying is true — sometimes when you know, you just know. Truthfully, I’ve always had a hard time understanding those couples who say that they just knew right away that their partners were The One, but when my boyfriend and I started dating, I could finally relate. It’s an indescribable feeling that hit me. There’s no drama. There’s no overanalyzing the details. We’re simply two people who instinctively know that this is the real deal.
  5. There’s no such thing as a perfect timeline for love. No two love stories are alike and though some people may be together for years before they even decide to move in together, there are other successful couples who have moved in together almost immediately. At the end of the day, fate works itself out and what’s meant to be will happen, so I guess I’m just trusting the process and allowing things to unfold as they need to. In our case, our pace of natural is quicker than the majority.
  6. I’ve done the single girl life — I’m ready for more. I’ve been on my own for many years and I’ve truly enjoyed my single life and every chaotic and thrilling moment that came with it. It’s time for me to wink back at my past and embrace my future in this relationship. I’ve been through hell and back in my single life, so forgive me if I feel like I’ve earned the right to bask in my love and make real and definite moves to build my future.
  7. I trust that what we have is real. My gut has given me plenty of bad vibes in the past that I’ve blatantly ignored, which always left me hurt and disappointed. This time, something is completely different. I’m not nervous and there are no internal alarms going off. Instead, it’s a feeling of complete calmness and genuine excitement exploding out of the love I’m experiencing with my boyfriend. We’re completely into each other and all the way in this thing together, so I’m going to give what we have some trust and go with it.
  8. Why wait for the future when we could be living it sooner? Sure, perhaps slow and steady wins the race, but like I said, we’re grown-ups and we’ve conquered our demons, built ourselves independently and are completely ready to take those next steps. Why should we wait just to fit in with the norm? Screw that. Life is short and I plan on making the rest of my life a story worth telling. At a certain point, I decided to stop worrying and start actually living.
  9. It’s our love and therefore our rules. People may make comments to us about the speed at which things are going, but truthfully, it’s not really anyone else’s business or place to judge. The love we have is ours and the life we’re planning is ours to decide. We love each other deeply and we’re both committed to staying strong together, no matter what obstacles we face along the way. So no, I’m not moving too fast with my boyfriend — I’m just going with my gut.