Taco Bell Has Opened A New Restaurant With An Outdoor Fire Pit And Games Area

Taco Bell Has Opened A New Restaurant With An Outdoor Fire Pit And Games Area Taco Bell

When you go to Taco Bell, chances are you just head through the drive-thru to pick up your food and you’re on your way. It’s never really been a destination restaurant, and that’s okay – fast food is good food! However, the popular chain is looking to change the way we eat there and recently opened a Taco Bell Cantina restaurant complete with outdoor fire pit and a games area with cornhole. I want to eat there!

taco bell fire pitTaco Bell

  1. The Taco Bell Cantina restaurant opened in California earlier this year. It’s in the city of Danville and not only does it have a drive-thru for customers are hungry but in a hurry, but it also boasts an outdoor dining area with its own fire pit and a place to play games like cornhole. Suddenly, Taco Bell is somewhere you’ll want to hang out for hours!
  2. When it’s safe, there will be a full bar too! At the moment, with the pandemic still being very much an issue making social distancing necessary, the bar isn’t open. However, when it’s safe, that’ll make the outdoor dining area even more exciting. Is everyone going to start partying at Taco Bell? I think so!
  3. Taco Bell is changing its approach to dining. In a press release put out earlier this year, the company revealed that it’s really trying to adjust its business model to better reflect the current climate. For one thing, they’re creating more digital-only restaurants where human interaction is kept to a minimum for safety and ease. On the opposite end of the spectrum, they’re also focusing on Cantina-like destination restaurants, which will also be a welcome change for loyal Taco Bell fans.
  4. You never know, you might get a fancy Taco Bell like this in your area soon! Fingers crossed there’s one in my area soon – I will totally go!!
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