I’ll Take A “Clingy” Guy Over A Distant One Any Day

A lot of women do everything they can to avoid clingy guys, but personally, I love them. If I have the choice between an emotionally distant man and one who constantly wants to be by my side, this is why I’ll always choose the latter:

I’m generally a private person. I’m the opposite of clingy. When I’m in a relationship, my partner will have to pry and pry for months just to get me to open up. I like my privacy, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I find it almost impossible to be with someone who is as closed-off as I am. I need a clinger to encourage me to communicate and let down my walls.

I like how he’s always there. I never have to worry about where he is because, well, he’s always right there. You would think that this would get annoying after a while, but as someone who tends to avoid intimacy in relationships, it’s actually really nice to always have someone there with me.

I’m always at the top of his list. He always puts me first, and I’m not going to complain about that. I love the feeling of being an important part of someone’s life. The fact that he always puts my needs before his is exactly what I need to feel truly loved and appreciated.

If he doesn’t cling, I’m gonna stray. As I mentioned before, I’m pretty much the opposite of clingy, which means I WILL run when the going gets tough. With a clingy boyfriend, I can’t run away because he’s going to hold onto me for as long as he can. A part of me finds this annoying, but another part of me knows that I need it.

I always have someone to hang out with. The great thing about dating a guy who never lets go is that I’m pretty much never alone. Sure, there are times when I need my own space, and that’s fine, but I actually like the feeling of always having someone around, especially when I’m doing mundane things like folding my laundry or returning library books. Having someone who wants to spend every waking minute with me makes the more lame moments in life kinda nice.

He protects me. Oh, this boy will do anything for me. If I’m in trouble or need help, he will be there in a millisecond. His clinginess in relationships may be mostly due to an unstable childhood, but it results in a boyfriend who is always looking out for my safety. I never have to worry when he’s around, and that feels great,

The relationship is always balanced. Since I’m so distant, a clingy guy balances things out. I’m always the one to hide. I’ll do things like run away to the bathroom and lock the door so he won’t see me cry over something trivial, or I’ll hide my painting that I’ve been working on because I’m self-conscious and don’t want him to see it. I realize that these behaviors aren’t healthy, which is why having a clingy boyfriend helps me stop hiding, mostly because he won’t let me.

He’s emotionally open. He’s all in and trusts me one-hundred percent with his feelings. This is refreshing for me, especially when I compare him to other guys I’ve dated. He never stops telling me how much he cares about me and how he loves me and will always be there for me when I need him. Let’s be real — who could complain about being smothered in love?

He would never cheat. This guy is totally obsessed with me. How do I know, you ask? He tells me on a daily basis. He would hold onto our relationship for dear life if it was ever in jeopardy. There is no way in hell he would risk his cushy position as my boyfriend and sleep with some rando.

He doesn’t play games. He’s very upfront about what he wants from this relationship. When I said I wanted it to just be casual, he said he wanted more than that, and I must admit, I totally respect a guy who knows what he wants.

He’s proud to be with me. He loves showing me off and doesn’t think that being in a committed relationship is boring or lame. I find that some guys I’ve dated in the past would hide me in the beginning because they didn’t want their friends to know they were dating me. This is why clingy guys are the best: they actually want to date me and don’t care if the world knows it.

There’s no second-guessing. One thing that I never got from my past boyfriends was consistency. One day they were hot, the next day they were cold. I was constantly questioning how they felt about me. Clingy guys don’t do this — they either like you a whole damn lot, or they don’t. No stress, no mess, no second-guessing.

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