10 Texts I’ve Received From Guys That Turned Me On More Than Any Sext

Maybe I’m too romantic for 2018, but getting the classic “wyd?” text from a guy is a total turn-off. What am I doing? Well, definitely not him. Even worse is receiving a random and extremely unsolicited dick pic, which happens way more often than it should. So what can a bachelor send the lady he admires? Here are some that have done it for me.

  1. “I’ve been thinking about you all day.” When a guy says this to me, you can bet it’s ON. Not only am I now thinking about him, but I literally get that full-body tingle of energy that makes those first few weeks of dating so addictive. The magic of this text is that even a guy I’ve been dating for a little while can get me hot and bothered with it.
  2. “How did your presentation go? Bet you did great!” While this seems pretty mundane, little things like this early on in a relationship really set the tone for how I’ll feel about someone later on. Establishing respect and trust starts small but can make a big difference. Knowing that a guy’s invested in my life outside of him feels good and frankly, it really turns me on.
  3. “You’re so elegant!” This is something a guy I’ve been talking to said to me recently and I absolutely loved it. I pride myself on being a classy broad, and this text let me know that he was picking up what I was putting down. Instead of just telling me I’m sexy, which is kind of cliche at this point, his compliment made me feel like the valuable human that I am.
  4. “I thought of you when I heard this song.” I’ve always been a fan of good music, so brownie points if the song he’s referencing is one of my favorites. Even if you don’t really care about music all that much (who are you?!), this compliment means that he’s thinking about you outside a sexual context—and honestly, that’s a huge turn-on for me. Go figure!
  5. My friends loved you—maybe even more than they love me!” Who doesn’t like making a good impression! Meeting a new partner’s friends is usually pretty stressful for me, but when I can click with someone’s besties, it makes things SO much easier. Plus, I love the validation of being told how awesome I am by my partner and his friends!
  6. “You crushed that workout—I’ve never had a woman beat me at XX.” OK, this is borderline misogyny, but don’t @ me. Said playfully, this compliment really resonated with my competitive side. It made me want to beat him at a couple other things women had never bested him at, if you catch my drift. My brain translated it as a bit of a challenge, which really does it for me.
  7. “Hey beautiful, I know you had a rough day—pizza will be here in 10.” Isn’t food the way to everyone’s heart? A guy I was dating sent me this text after a particularly annoying day at work and it still sticks with me as one of the most heartfelt messages I’ve ever received. You best bet that he got a little extra sugar that evening.
  8. “I got tickets to [insert thing I like doing]. Wear that red dress you look so hot in!” Let me tell you, if a guy got me Hamilton tickets, it would probably be the sexiest thing that has ever happened to me. EVER. I’m getting a little too excited just thinking about this. Sadly, this wasn’t for Hamilton tickets, but it was a great event. This text showed me subtly that he takes initiative and that he pays attention. What’s hotter than that? (I mean besides Hamilton tickets.)
  9. “Hahaha! You just made me laugh so hard that everyone in the office stared at me.” I really value humor and making people laugh. Men who can identify that about my personality and compliment me for the qualities I like best about myself have a special place in my heart… and other places.
  10. “Hey sexy, wanna go home and eat cheese in our PJs?” This text, especially when received at a particularly dull party or work event, is absolute gold. First of all, I’m motivated by cheese on a regular basis. Second of all, this means he can interpret my overall mood. Non-verbal communication is super hot.
  11. “I fixed your bathroom window and unclogged your sink, boss lady.” I don’t need a man to do anything in my life. I’m super handy at household repairs and can take out the trash my damn self. He clearly realizes I’m a busy lady, out killing it. The act of listening to my needs, thinking ahead, and then actually doing something thoughtful that I might not have time for or want to do earns my partner a million points in my book. Men, please take note.