8 Things We Take For Granted In Relationships

Sometimes when we’re in long-term relationship, we get so used to having someone around and being in routine that we lose sight of the bigger picture and how fortunate we are to have love in our lives. It’s important to appreciate what (and who) we have, but so often we’re guilty of taking these things for granted when we get too comfortable with our partners:

  1. The little things he does. Making the morning coffee or warming the car up on a cold day might seem like minor gestures, but they actually help our days go more smoothly. We focus on the socks on the floor and the dirty dishes more than we focus on the fact that our glass of wine was poured the second we got in from work and brought to us on the couch. It really is the little things that mean the most, so focus on the positive ones instead of nagging on the negatives.
  2. Having financial support. Nothing in life is ever certain, and finances are no different. You have each other to lean on if times get tough. You carry the financial responsibilities of life together, but if one of you fails or faces times of desperation, the other is there to lend you the means to keep you both afloat. You’re a team and just as two brains are better than one, so are two paychecks, because if one falls through, you’ll still have a roof over your head and food on the table. Some people aren’t as lucky, so be grateful.
  3. Having a date for everything. One of the best parts of being in a relationship is that you get to be the dynamic duo and attend all your social invites together. Weddings, parties, concerts and world travel is more fun with company, and you have not only a date to these things, but it’s also someone you know, love and truly care about. When you receive an invite to anything, you don’t need to wonder who you’ll take because you already have your plus one.
  4. Having someone to lean on in times of stress or crisis. Whether it’s a safe ride home or being comforted when being let go from a job, having someone to lean on is more important than you realize when things are going smoothly. Sure, it seems normal that you have a partner in crime to face the highs and lows with, but some people have no one, so having that support system on a daily basis is an amazing gift you should appreciate more.
  5. The daily companionship. During every moment of your day, from start to finish, you have someone you’re sharing your life with. You always have someone cheering you on in the corner or giving you a simple hug after a bad day. Being in a relationship is more than just a title, and it’s more than just surviving life — it’s being able to do it all together, good and bad.
  6. Sex. You know where your next orgasm is coming from, and you always have that special person to connect with. Dry spells are tough and they happen even the best relationships because life takes over sometimes, but they’re not permanent when you’re with someone you love. Sex is part of what keeps a relationship thriving and gives anyone an extra pep in their step, to take advantage, so to speak, of the fact that you always have someone to share your most intimate moments with, and it doesn’t start with right swiping faces on the screen of your phone.
  7. Having a second set of hands. Many hands make light work, so count your blessings with regards to having someone else there to help you with the handy work, the daily chores, and someone to help lift heavy objects. It might seem like a minor detail, but again, it’s the minor details that make life go more smoothly.
  8. Someone to plan the future with. You might see being in your relationship as just part of the plan, but companionship and love will really change your life. You might not realize how valuable your partnership actually is because after a while, it just seems like the normal way of life, but trust me when I say relationships are a gift. Being with someone you care about and planning your future together is an advantage you shouldn’t take for granted.