Things You Need To Stop Doing Once You Hit 50

Things You Need To Stop Doing Once You Hit 50

They say age is just a number — well, consider this list the cheat sheet to enjoying that big, beautiful number! Here are some of the silly habits and self-sabotaging choices it’s time to leave behind. Forget midlife crisis – think of it as the midlife upgrade!

1. Constantly comparing yourself to other people

Life isn’t a race, and everyone’s journey unfolds at its own pace. Hitting 50 is the perfect time to let go of petty comparisons and focus on your own unique path. Celebrate your accomplishments, embrace your strengths, and don’t get hung up on where you think you “should” be based on other people. Keeping score will make you miserable, Psychology Today points out, so don’t even bother.

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2. Trying to please everyone


Your 50s mark the golden age of not giving a damn what anyone else thinks. It’s your time to prioritize your own needs, set boundaries, and proudly say “no” to things that don’t serve you. Stop apologizing for putting your happiness first and start pleasing the most important person – yourself!

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3. Being afraid to try new things

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Your 50s are meant for exploration, embracing new experiences, and pushing your comfort zone. Whether it’s picking up a new hobby, traveling somewhere exotic, or trying a bold new haircut, don’t let fear hold you back from exciting possibilities.

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4. Settling for a mediocre relationship

You deserve a partner who loves, supports, and cherishes the amazing person you are. Don’t waste your precious time in an unfulfilling relationship. Life is too short to settle for lukewarm love. Whether it means working on improving your current relationship or having the courage to move on, prioritize finding true happiness.

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5. Staying in a job you hate

If you dread Mondays and live for the weekends, it’s time to re-evaluate your career path. Your 50s bring valuable life experience and the confidence to take calculated risks. Explore career changes, start your own business, or pursue a passion project you’ve always dreamed about. It’s never too late for a fulfilling second act.

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6. Letting your health take a back seat

Your golden years are meant to be enjoyed, and prioritizing your health now is a gift to your future self. Don’t ignore aches, pains, or those routine checkups. Commit to regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and make those doctor’s appointments a priority. Taking care of your physical health keeps you feeling vibrant and ready to tackle all that life throws your way.

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7. Neglecting your friendships

Meaningful friendships become even more precious as you age. Stop letting adult responsibilities crowd out the soul-nourishing connections with your friends. Make time for dinner dates, catch-up calls, and plan fun adventures with those who lift you up, make you laugh, and offer unwavering support.

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8. Letting fear dictate your decisions

Your 50s are a time for bold moves and unapologetic living. Don’t let “what ifs” or fear of failure hold you back from chasing your dreams. Replace self-doubt with self-belief and embrace the fact that there’s no better time than now to go after what sets your soul on fire.

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9. Holding grudges


Bitterness is like a heavy weight you carry on your shoulders. Your 50s are about embracing lightness and positivity. Forgive those who have wronged you in the past, not for them, but for yourself. Let go of the resentment and free up your emotional space for joy and peace. Remember, forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

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10. Ignoring your finances

Taking control of your finances provides security and peace of mind, Investopedia notes. Get serious about retirement planning, create a budget, and tackle any outstanding debt. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help from a financial advisor – consider it an investment in your future freedom and well-being.

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11. Tolerating toxic people

Your time and emotional energy are far too valuable to waste on draining, negative people. Surround yourself with those who bring positivity, laughter, and support into your life. Learn to politely distance yourself from anyone who consistently brings you down – you’ll be amazed at how much lighter you feel.

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12. Being afraid to ask for help

Nobody can do everything alone. There’s no shame in asking for help, whether it’s with a difficult task, navigating a complex issue, or simply needing emotional support. Lean on your loved ones, seek professional assistance, and embrace the fact that there’s strength in recognizing your limitations and reaching out for a helping hand.

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13. Wearing clothes that make you feel frumpy

Your 50s are a time to rock your confidence and embrace your own unique style! Toss out anything in your closet that makes you feel blah or self-conscious. Invest in pieces that flatter your figure, make you feel fabulous, and reflect your vibrant personality. Remember, the right outfit can make you stand a little taller and smile a whole lot wider!

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14. Thinking “it’s too late” for anything

Never limit yourself based on age! It’s never too late to learn a new skill, start a new career, go back to school, or chase a long-held dream. Your 50s are a time of reinvention and limitless possibilities. Don’t be fooled by the ageist notion that your window of opportunity is closing – it’s opening wider than ever!

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15. Apologizing for taking up space

Stop diminishing your presence or apologizing for existing. You deserve to take up space in this world – own it! Speak your mind, share your opinions, and embrace the vibrant person you are. Your 50s are about celebrating your life experience, wisdom, and the unique voice you bring to the world.

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16. Hiding your age

Be proud of the life you’ve lived and the incredible person you’ve become. Your age is a badge of experience, resilience, and the beautiful journey you’ve traveled. Don’t try to hide it, but wear it like a crown – you’ve earned every single wrinkle and every single gray hair!

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