If You Think I’ll Put Up With Your Bad Behavior, You’ve Got The Wrong Girl

I may come across as the nice and non-confrontational girl, but if you think that means you can get away with treating me poorly or disrespecting me, you’ve got the wrong girl. I won’t let you or anyone else walk all over me or take advantage of my kindness. If you treat me well, I’ll offer you the same.

  1. I won’t let you talk to me like I’m beneath you. Even if we disagree on something or I believe my opinion is the right one, I’ll always talk to you like a respected equal and will try never to be condescending. I expect the same treatment from you. There’s never an excuse for talking down to someone, so let’s vow never to do it to each other. We deserve more.
  2. If you start to pull back, I’ll move on. If you start to pull back and distance yourself because you think you have me exactly where you want me, I’ll flip the tables on you and show you just how easy it is for me to walk away when I’m not getting the treatment I deserve. I’m not the woman you take for granted and I won’t stick around for game playing. We’re both mature adults — let’s act like it.
  3. Playing games usually means you’ll end up alone. We’re no longer in high school — we don’t need to trick people into liking us more. If you don’t like the sweet-natured person I am off the bat and you need someone to give you more of a challenge then I won’t stick around hoping you’ll realize the error of your ways. Love shouldn’t be that complicated, and making it so will only see you end up by yourself.
  4. If I’m not a priority, I won’t be your option. If you don’t appreciate my presence in your life, I’ll appreciate your absence from mine. I’m not wasting my time with any guy who doesn’t value the amazing woman that I am and I won’t let you string me along and date a bunch of other women before you make up your mind. I’m a once in a lifetime deal, so if you don’t step up to the plate with me, you can spend a lifetime regretting letting me get away. I have a busy life too, but I’ll always make you a focal point of mine if you prove you’re on the same page.
  5. If you ignore or belittle my feelings, I won’t stick around. Open and honest communication really is the key to a healthy relationship. If I open up to you about how I’m feeling and you dismiss me like it’s nothing important or tell me I’m overreacting, I won’t stick around. Any guy can call a woman crazy when they don’t want to deal with the facts, but it takes a real man to work things out with me maturely. In return, I promise to always hear you out and to respect your feelings, even if I can’t personally understand them.
  6. It’s too easy to get complacent, but please don’t take me for granted. I’m not someone you can walk all over me or treat me like crap because you’re stressed, you’ve had a bad day or because you take my forgiveness and our relationship for granted. We all lash out sometimes, but we need to be on top of our own behavior so we can make each other feel appreciated and cared for rather than taken advantage of and treated like crap.
  7. I’m a good woman and I know my worth. I’ve worked hard on myself to be the strong and capable woman I am today. I’m capable of being an amazing partner in life to a guy who truly deserves it. I’m looking for a guy who’s on my level, so if I choose you, that means I recognize your value. Please recognize mine too and treat me accordingly.
  8. If you can’t handle that I stand up for myself, GTFO. If it bothers you that I have a backbone that I’m not afraid to show, then this isn’t going to work. I’m looking for an equal partner, and everything I want from you, I’ll offer in return. If we’re on the same page, we could be amazing. If not, we might as well part ways now.