Never Walk Through A Storm For A Man Who Refuses To Jump Puddles For You

Being a supportive girlfriend should never happen at the expense of your own happiness. Relationships aren’t always easy, but if he can’t stand by your side through the tough times like you do for him, this is why you should kick him out of your life:

  1. You deserve to get what you give. If you’re giving your time, energy, support and love, you should receive this from your partner. Otherwise the relationship is unbalanced, and it’s just going to lead to resentment and pain. You’re not a charity.
  2. A person who takes advantage of you is toxic. A guy who loves and supports you won’t let you give so much of yourself without giving you 100 percent of himself in return. He wouldn’t take advantage of you. If he does, he doesn’t deserve your love.
  3. Your relationship should make you feel whole, not empty. You can give so much of yourself, but what happens when it’s gone? You’re left drained and depleted of any resources you need for yourself. A relationship should never leave you feeling like it’s contributing negatively to your life. Don’t let your support ever become self-sacrifice.
  4. He should be there for you through the good and the bad. Any partner can be there during the fun, easy times. It takes a real person to be there for you when days are dark. If he’s not there when you’re having a bad day, then why the hell are you dating him? It’s during tough times when you really see what your partner is made of.
  5. If he’s not changing for you, you shouldn’t change for him. If you’re doing all the compromise, you’re going to lose yourself. Are you doing everything you can to keep the relationship going while he acts like he’s perfect and doesn’t need to change a thing? Three words: he’s a jerk.
  6. You have nothing to prove. If you feel that you have to give so much of yourself to earn your partner’s love, you shouldn’t be with him. You shouldn’t be running through hoops to keep the relationship going. You should be loved and supported for who you are right now. If you’re not getting that from your partner, he’s not right for you, and honestly, he doesn’t deserve any more of your support.
  7. He has no right to be selfish. If you feel you’re supporting a partner who doesn’t support you in return, put some boundaries in place. Decide that you’ll only offer him support that he gives you and nothing more. If he becomes angry that you’re pulling back, it’s a pretty sure sign that he’s a selfish jerk.
  8. You should never love a man more than you love yourself. You might be fond of saying that you love your guy more than anything in the world, but that’s actually more dangerous than romantic. You should always love yourself more than your partner. After all, you’re the only one you can always depend on. When you love yourself, you know that your happiness is what matters. If you’re not content, you need to love yourself enough to let go and go find your joy elsewhere.
  9. Actions say more than words. Anyone can say that they love and support you, but they often show their true colors when they have to actually step up and prove it. Don’t stay in a relationship with someone who promises you the moon but only gives you pebbles. You deserve a guy who shows you that he loves you every day.
  10. He should support your dreamsIf your guy criticizes your passions or puts you down for your goals, you need to choose your dreams over him. You support his happiness, so why the hell can’t he do the same thing for you?
  11. You should be able to be yourself around your partner. There’s no point in being with someone who doesn’t let you be your true self. If you feel you can’t show him your real emotions and be vulnerable around him, you’re better off alone.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.