Want To Find Love? Book A Flight, Says Study

Want To Find Love? Book A Flight, Says Study

It seems like everyone is looking for love online these days and the chances of finding your own Prince Charming while you’re out in the world living your best life is slim to none. While in-person meet cutes are rarer these days, they’re definitely not obsolete, and there’s one place you might have the best luck: on an airplane.

HSBC bank did a study recently to find out if the possibility of making a romantic connection while flying was really a thing. To do so, they surveyed 2,150 people from 141 different countries and were kind of shocked to discover that 43 of them—or roughly 1 in 50—claimed to have met “The One” while flying. Go figure!

According to their research, roughly two couples fall in love on every flight, which is kind of mad to think about. Plus, romantic connections aren’t everything—12% of participants revealed that they’ve made a “lasting friendship” while on a flight, and a whopping 47% of travelers have at least made their long-hauls a little bit shorter by striking up a conversation with their seatmate. Flying is miserable enough, so it makes sense that we’d do whatever we can to make it a bit better.

But back to the good stuff—finding love at 35,000 feet. While 1 in 50 aren’t exactly major odds, it’s better than your chances of winning the lottery, so that’s something. Plus, if you’re flying for pleasure, even if you don’t meet Mr. Right during your flight, you’ll have interesting stories to share about your experience, which makes you an even bigger catch to guys on the ground.

It can be hard to meet potential dates, so while I don’t recommend you board with the intention of hooking up, it certainly doesn’t hurt to keep it in the back of your mind. You never know what could happen.

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