Why Being Single In The Summer Is Amazing

Why Being Single In The Summer Is Amazing ©iStock/lechatnoir

In the deepest throes of Game of Thrones winter, being single is the worst. All you want is someone to watch Netflix with, because that’s romantic — although somehow hours of it on your own is just plain weird. Plus, it would mean someone to keep you warm when your heat is acting up again. While winter might be rough (especially when you’re home for the holidays and your family’s questioning your single status), summer is the absolute best time to be single. It’s full of endless possibilities (or at least it seems that way, since you’re finally done with hibernating).

  1. You always look cute when you go out. There’s no need to figure out a going out top that will somehow look cute once you take off a million layers (if you ever even do). Throw on some type of sundress and it looks like you’re trying, even if you’re really redefining lazy.
  2. Going home with someone is easier. You don’t need to mess with stripping off a coat, ugly old socks that may or may not smell depending on how long its been since you’ve done laundry, and boots that seem to take hours to remove. There’s nothing romantic about frostbite and cold feet.
  3. Say goodbye to the walk of shame. It’s way less shameful when the temperature is normal. You don’t have to walk of shame covered in every layer you’ve ever owned. Unfortunately that means it’s way more awkward if you’re in skintight spandex, but if you’re wearing a sundress and sandals you’re automatically brunch ready.
  4. It’s easier to meet someone. Because you’re no longer hibernating, you’re actually going out and meeting people. Whether it’s a music festival or day drinking at a rooftop bar, you’ll be mingling with someone other than your roommate.                                    
  5. You actually want to go on dates. Who wants to haul a couple of miles in their snow boots for a date that may or may not be the actual worst? Everyone knows that a first date is not risking ruining your favorite pair of shoes because the weather decides to go rogue mid-drinks.
  6. You have an automatic soundtrack. Summertime singles are far superior when you’re dancing with your girls in a circle bar mitzvah style, instead of attempting to slow it down to an entirely different beat with some dude grinding behind you. Girls’ nights are far easier to organize when everyone’s amped up about being outside somewhere. If it’s especially nice out, you can even convince your most wifed up friend to join you.
  7. There are no family holidays, which means that no one is questioning you about your relationships (or lack thereof). Sure, you might have to deal with your manicurist’s judgement, but that’s far superior to your drunk uncle asking when you’ll find the one. The pressure to be in love is called off (because spring was for wedding season, and engagements won’t happen again until the fall).
  8. Even swiping seems fun. While the drudgery of Tinder drove you crazy before, it now seems full of possibilities. Even if you never end up going out with someone, at least you have options (in your mind, at least). Plus, you might just swipe on someone with a boat, and then you’re set all the way through Labor Day weekend.

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